2023: Why Jonathan should join APC now — Group

Goodluck Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has been advised to leave the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, as he is the best person to take over from incumbent president Muhammadu Buhari when he completes term in 2023.


Making this known is the Forward Nigeria, a group canvassing power shift to Southern Nigeria.


Jonathan, according to a statement by the group’s coordinator, Idowu Jinadu, would lay to rest the agitation for power shift to southern Nigeria.


“The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is making a grave mistake by not reckoning with its past leaders and most of its major stakeholders seem not to know. The governors are the ones committing this political blunder. Their firm grip on the party won’t augur well for them. For us, we believe they don’t have any other candidate to field in the coming election than former President Goodluck Jonathan. Most of them would be completing their terms in 2027 and as such, Jonathan fits into the arrangement. As they are completing their terms, Jonathan will be leaving too, paving the way for one of them to continue.

“Be that as it may, we at Forward Nigeria believe that APC is a sure bet for former President Jonathan. Apart from having a solid relationship with President Buhari, he would be a better alternative to those jostling to succeed the President. In many ways, it will save the APC from collapsing and also put it as the party to beat in the 2023 presidential polls.

“Apart from all this, Jonathan has the capacity to unite our already-polarized country. President Buhari has done well in the areas of taming insurgents and those who attempt to break us, there is no doubt that Nigeria needs a calm and acceptable person after Buhari. Former President Goodluck Jonathan has done it before and we can all look back and thank him. President Buhari has continued with most of the projects initiated by former President Jonathan too. That tells you many things. Unlike others who are using religious and ethnic sentiments to sell themselves, people have not forgotten that former President Jonathan was a friend to all during his reign .

“On the issue of trust, President Buhari, we know, is aware the former President is trustworthy. He has shown he can be trusted with power and he is not vindictive. And also, he comes unblemished as PDP won’t have anything to campaign against him. His joining the APC will sway PDP members to APC, not only at the national level but in the States too.

“Another plus is that the adoption of former President Jonathan as the candidate of the ruling party by President Buhari will give Mr President the toga and legacy of a true father of the nation who has risen above divisive partisan politics to put Nigeria first!

“And it is important we allay people’s fears about the constitutional amendment. Though we know people have argued that it was deliberately directed at the former President, we have of the view that the law cannot have a retroactive effect. The amendment was done after he had left office. It can only affect future Vice-Presidents and not him. So, he has every right to contest the 2023 election,” the group added.

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