New Year : NILDS DG pledges commitment to Democratic Consolidation, Lawmaker Capacity Building

As new year beckons,Prof. Abubakar O. Sulaiman, Director General of National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS), emphasized that the Institute’s primary focus in 2024 will be enhancing the capabilities of Nigerian lawmakers and those in the sub-region The goal is to strengthen Nigerian democracy through various programs and initiatives.

In a statement, Prof. Sulaiman highlighted the Institute’s commitment to improving Legislators’ capacity to sustain and consolidate democratic governance through effective deliberation and policy formulation.
Looking ahead to 2024, he extended New Year wishes to Nigerians worldwide, expressing gratitude for the collective journey so far and urging unity among diverse ethnicities. He encouraged Nigerians to view the coming year as an opportunity to embrace new possibilities, unfold plans, and prepare for significant dates and events. Additionally, he envisioned 2024 as a year to end terrorism and usher in an era of peace.
The Former Minister of National Planning concluded by urging Nigerians to approach 2024 with renewed hope, believing in Nigeria’s eventual progress toward the Promised Land.

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