National Workshop on current trends in public sector ‘ll enhance integrity – House Committee Chairman on PAC

The Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Public Accounts, Hon Bamidele Salam has said National Workshop on Current Trends in Public Sector, Accounting and Auditing would go a long way in enhancing integrity in financial matters.


Professionals, and experts in public financial management systems attended the National Workshop on Current Trends in Public Sector Accounting and Auditing in Lagos.


The PAC chairman in his speech highlighted the significance of the event in enhancing the integrity and efficiency of Nigeria’s public financial management systems.


Also in his opening address, Rep. Salam had expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Auditor General’s Office for their unwavering support and collaboration in organizing this critical workshop.


He also acknowledged the contributions of the African Development Studies Center (ADSC), the organizers and facilitators of the workshop, whose expertise and commitment have ensured a comprehensive and impactful program.


“The Public Account Committee has always been at the forefront of promoting good governance, transparency, and accountability in the management of public funds,” stated Rep. Salam.


“This workshop is part of our continuous effort to equip our officials with the latest knowledge and skills in public sector accounting and auditing. By staying informed and adopting innovative practices, we can significantly enhance the transparency and accountability of our public sector financial management.”


Rep. Salam announced several key initiatives aimed at improving public financial management:


1. Enhancement of Processes: The Public Account Committee (PAC) has implemented necessary processes to enhance public account auditing and financial management.


2. Simplified Mandates: The PAC has simplified procedures for various government agencies to effectively deliver their mandates.


3. Digitalization Initiative: The Right Honourable Speaker of the House of Representatives will be launching the PAC digitalization process, a pioneering initiative in the region aimed at reducing the complexity of public account auditing.


4. Commitment to Transparency: The PAC remains open and transparent, committed to engaging with citizens to achieve common goals of integrity and efficiency in public resource management.


Rep. Salam urged all participants to actively engage, share experiences, and collaborate to ensure the success of their collective efforts. He emphasized the importance of building public trust through improved financial management systems, which will contribute to the overall development and progress of the nation.


“Together, we can build a better Nigeria, where public resources are managed with integrity and efficiency, and where accountability and transparency are the cornerstones of our governance,” concluded Rep. Salam.


The workshop is expected to provide valuable insights and foster collaboration among participants, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of Nigeria’s public financial management systems.

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