6 Things That Can Damage Your Smartphone

For a person who cares about his or her smartphone and wants to reduce the risk of having it damaged, here are a few things you must not do.


1. Using the phone while connected to an electric source

The practice of using the phone when connected to an electric source can cause the phone to explode due to overheating. It also poses hazards to one’s life which include the risk of explosion and electrocution.


2. Using a damaged cable or using the wrong charger

Every smartphone is designed to accept a certain degree of electric voltage. This voltage is regulated by using the prescribed charger that has been recommended by the manufacturer.


You will be destroying its motherboard by using the wrong charger or the one that is above the amount of voltage the phone can accommodate. Also, using a damaged cable might cause your phone to malfunction.


3. Using the smartphone at a high temperature

Every smartphone is made with inflatable chemicals like sodium hydroxide, electrolytes, chloric acid, sodium chloride and so on that can explode when exposed to heat.


Placing the phone on any heating appliance or device or using the smartphone under a hot temperature is a practice that can damage the hardware component of your smartphone, which might cause it to explode and cause physical damage to anybody close by.


4. Installing apps from unknown sources

It has been revealed by smartphone experts that it is unsafe to install apps from unknown sources, especially those with an unprotected internet protocol.


Some of these sources or websites contain malicious software applications that, when downloaded to your phone, can cause it to malfunction or be used to extort vital information.


5. Placing smartphone under the pillow

Just as humans need air to survive and breathe, so does your smartphone too. People keep their phones under their pillows while sleeping. They do this to protect it from being stolen and to save it for easy retrieval.


This practice is harmful to the phone and not only to the phone, it is harmful to human life as well.


6. Draining your battery too often

After a few years, phone batteries degrade. The battery life won’t be as high as it was when you newly got it. These things are bound to be but some practices can destroy the battery soon which would damage the smartphone in the long run.


To avoid killing your battery soon, recharge your phone before it dies. Don’t let your phone run down to 0% before charging it. Try keeping the battery above 30% or more. By doing that, you will be keeping the battery life healthy for a long time.


Your phone can stay up to date for as long as possible if you avoid these practices that can damage your smartphone.




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