A Loose Canon…Quintessential!  By Olaleye Olawale

You can’t but snicker reading people, who still think Nyesom Wike, has any harm to do to the PDP, having gone completely rogue. The fact of the matter is that, he’s sinking already and simply clutching at straws. He already could see a devastating end from his current standpoint and has therefore left no room for genuine rapprochement.


For a man, who has no restraint or decorum, calls out everyone and says everything he feigns to have an inkling about, and you think such is a politician and leader? No, he’s a child! Position, power and money have just exposed him. A typical “beast of no gender or class” – totally irreverent. He rushes to accuse people of corruption or indecency as if he’s any better.


It would seem he has been sharing papers to his own people or those collecting the papers from him are any better? He has been accused variously of corrupting the judiciary, the reason this all-important arm of government is believed to be catering to his whims and fancies. Yet, he hasn’t found it necessary to address this allegation. Imagine one without clean hands seekng equity? Is he playing?


Know this and know peace, Wike has absolutely no plan up his sleeves. He is just one reckless bush baby (Galago) in Rivers forest. Anyone, who has an ace to play wouldn’t be crying day and night, threatening fire and brimstone. He would wait and unleash when no one expects. Even his silence would be akin to a nuclear weapon. But this one? Stark empty! He is just money-drunk. He wants attention and has been so denied. As e dey pain am, na so e dey sweet the other side.


Understand this for what it is worth, if Wike has any harm to do to the PDP, his approach would have been different. His motor park style is not one-size-fits-all, and in this case, it’s counterproductive. He said yesterday that he would deliver his people in Rivers from A to Z. If that is true, how does he deliver his National Assembly candidates, for example, without delivering Atiku? Joker!


It’s somewhat confounding that a man many thought was an untamed lion is actually a pet dog. He has exposed his weakness and clearly, a drowning politician with arguably bleak future. A lame duck second term governor, who is not on the ballot in 2023, but intends to keep Rivers, has a lot to lose if his party loses.


If you know him and he listens to you, let him know that every sensible tactician knows when and how to retreat, whenever the battle thickens and gets tougher. This is to afford them an opening to review strategy. But as it is, he is not only inconsolable, his is a lost case, because this fight is all about his interest and ambition. Those following him about are just expendables, being used, although, unknown to them.


It’s, therefore, pointless wasting time on Wike. PDP should just move on!

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