A Moment of National Truth By Olawale Olaleye

Let’s start this way. Have you seen one of the latest movies on NETFLIX titled: “Your Excellency”? The storyline tried to adopt President Donald Trump’s manipulative ascendancy to office and perhaps, the result of his accidental presidency, which was however not played up at the end of the day.

The story stopped at the point the election was won and lost, even to the awe of the winner, Akin Lewis, who was just lounging around, strutting the turf and trying different political parties until “God buttered his bread”, through greedy and selfish politicians, who merely needed his money but ended up having him become an elephant in the room. He was too much a force they could undo.

The most instructive part of the story is that he did not hope to win but determined to create an upset in the body polity as he’d been doing each election year. Indeed, he had begun to pack his bags with his wife, Funke Akindele, on the night results of the election were to be announced, for a vacation. And finally, when the result came and he won, the first thing he uttered was: “How did I win?”

For keen observers of the Nigerian political history, that’s the story of the current administration of Muhammadu Buhari. He definitely wasn’t expecting to win in 2015 but unfortunately for Nigerians, who were in search of change, he did. But now, having to deal with power and governance has since become an issue.

There’s no point mealy-mouthing about the current state of affairs in the country today. Nigeria is in a state of ‘anomie’ as a nation and as a people. It might be convenient for some to still glide over the cocktail of misadventures that presently dot, not just the face of the nation’s social fabric, but have further cut deep down its political cum economic anatomy. It doesn’t change the fact of the situation. Facts don’t lie. Do they?

One, this staggering absence of leadership wasn’t only just foretold; it began its manifestation very early in the life of the administration, which failed to put together a team almost seven months after assuming office. This is exclusive of the period between his victory at the poll and his inauguration.

All that the nation was treated to were salacious tales of a new Sheriff, who strolled into town only with one thing: his body language. And soon after the body language and mystique ceased to work magic but vanished into thing air, things haven’t just returned to business as usual, it is definitely the worst ever recorded in history.

The one and only word that aptly captures the current state of affairs is: RUDDERLESS! It’s a total and inexcusable absence of leadership, which only promises one thing: uncertainty and a bleak future. Nothing is auspicious as things stand today and there are no indications they would change.

If you’re a Nigerian with a positive mindset and truly hopes for a better country, this is the time to start pondering the reality of the current situation, so, they could help you plan and project, in addition to offering some shock absorber, where necessary.

The stories and allegations of corruption flying around the corridor of power are to say the least, shameful and disturbing. Curiously, some people are hopeful this too shall pass. It doesn’t seem so any more. Sorry! The administration might have inadvertently engaged the gear that would usher it into self-destruct, ultimately.

From the Ibrahim Magu tragedy to the NDDC sleaze, the Malamigate, the exposed NSITF scam and the alleged dirty oil deal in China, a comeback is unlikely, more so because of the insincerity of leadership.

If you thought this was about hatred for Buhari or his government, then, you too need help and definitely part of Nigeria’s seemingly intractable problems. This is not pessimism, but the truth is that the generation to truly live the Nigerian dream is yet unborn.

In this administration and it’s from the very beginning, too many things had been immersed in criminal secrecy, dishonesty, flashes, brigandage, and sheer grandstanding as against real expectations. Truth is, this house of lies that many have helped to build stands no chance of surviving the days and years ahead. There’s nothing durable about its structure.

However, for your sanity, your survival is going to be contingent largely on one thing: the ability to tell yourself the truth and be honest about the facts that stare you in the face. Even the Bible says it, only the truth can and will set you free. Your life is in your hands. Blame no one for the choices you make, going forward.

If you’re content with the way things are, all well and good. If you are not, the option is not to fold arms and lament. Consider the options available and deploy to work immediately. But, sadly, one is inclined to believe that the situation sides more with pessimism than optimism.

Have a nice day, all!

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