A Treat to Prof Ishaq Akintola, is a treat to the Ummah By Salahudeen Ustaz Yunus

Tunde Michael sent an SMS Message to our erudite human rights activist and Director, Muslim Rights Concern(MURIC) yesterday 6th February, 2022 @ 1:18pm with Telephone ☎️ 08035706397.
We consider the Message a threat to the personality of our Director a humane and total gentleman and elder stateman of of our generation who remained oppressed until the generality of Nigeria 🇳🇬 get their fundamental human rights.
Tunde Message read and I quote “This message is written to an Islamic Prof. Ishaq Akintola we want to remind him that School are known on the basis of their Logo and one the Logo is School uniform and on that you can’t change it and to remind you that Kwara State is not Islamic State ,so all your efforts to set Nigeria ablaze you will not survive, so be careful on your comments, thanks Tunde Michael. “
We remind Tunde Michael and his sponsors that Allah is greater than them and their blackmail will not see the light of the day In Shaa-Allah.
May Allah guidance and protection be upon our Amiable Professor and also uphold him stronger in standing up for the Ummah in all circumstances .
Salahudeen Ustaz Yunus is Chairman, Muslims Rights Concern(MURIC) Abuja Branch.

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