Abba’s Disappointing Start! By Olaleye Olawale

If your mission in office as Governor of Kano State is to revenge your predecessor’s sins against your godfather and father-in-law, then you’re not only picking a wrong fight, you’ve simply chosen the path to failure.


Unfortunately, that’s the only thing you’d be remembered by. If a majority of the people largely agreed that Ganduje “fumbled” in his relationship with Kwankwaso, we expect you to prove to the world that you are a better person and not show us you’re worse.


From the first day in office, when you refused to use the official seat of the governor because Ganduje had sat on it, you exuded so much bile that was so infantile and very ungubernatorial, to say the least.


Now, you’re firing everyone and everything sight and subsequently proceeded to demolishing houses built on government lands allegedly sold by the Ganduje government. Be calming down, haba!


It’s quite early in the day. I think you should tread with caution, exhibit more maturity, and act like a true Muslim, Governor Abba Yusuf.


Fight no useless proxy battle, but pray to God to give you WILL and WISDOM to deliver on your mandate. That should be your preoccupation.



Best of luck!

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