Access Bank Lagos City Marathon: Organisers Confirm Car Prizes For New 10km Race

The organisers of the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon has officially confirmed the introduction of 10km race during next year’s edition of the event.

Two cars donated by GAC Motors have also been confirmed as the top prizes up for grabs by the winners of the Men’s and Women’s 10km races.

These latest cheering developments were announced on Tuesday by Bukola Olopade the Project Consultant for the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon.

Olopade explained that the introduction of the 10km races was geared at bringing more participants on board and further make the Lagos Marathon one of the top events on the athletics calendar across the world.

According to him, the 10km race is opened to any individual resided in Nigeria regardless of their nationality.

“We have approved the 10km race for next year marathon, this will bring more excitement to the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon,” he said.

“We are very grateful to GAC Motors for the two cars they have donated for the winners of the men and women’s 10km races.

“Whether you are Chinese, American, British or even Japanese, once you are resident in Nigeria you are qualified to take part.”

It is understood that athletes outside Nigeria cannot take part in the 10km race but can give a shot at the Marathon.

With the confirmation of the car prizes, it is expected that more people will step up their preparations to win big at the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon.

A survey from different parts of the country shows that thousands of Nigerians, from professional runners to fun runners, are interested in the 10km event.

Organizers of the marathon will have to work hard on logistics as there could be over 100,000 participants in the 10km race alone.

The first two editions of the marathon, limited to just the 42km elite race, had over 50,000 participants in 2016 and over 70,000 participants in 2017 during the second edition.

The third edition of the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon is fixed for February 10, 2018.

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