Economic development is not an end in itself but one important means by which people strive to enhance their well-being. As Amartya Sen and others have argued, the meaning of development is the increasing capability of people to live the life they choose.

“My task of economic development is to help make things possible for our people.” _Akinlade Abiodun Isiaq_

Akinlade during his tenure as House of Representatives’ Science and Technology Committee Chairman, he reinvigorated the Committee, the Agencies and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

He used the Committee Chairmanship position to reposition the Ministry and to benefit Ogun west & Ogun State at large. Through his effort, the Ogun west axis of Ogun State now boasted of the First Science Park in the country and West Africa subregion, where we presently have four (4) Federal Government Agencies, namely:

-National Biotechnology Development Agency–Bioresources Development Centre (NABDA/BIODEC), Owode Yewa;

-Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIRO) – Agro Processing Centre Owode Yewa and Ipokia;

-National Board for Incubator Technology Centre- Owode, (NBTI);

-National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI)- Reverse Engineering Centre, Owode.

Other Agencies also have centres/projects across Ogun west such as:-

National Institute of Building Road Research- Multipurpose Vocational Centres;

Project Development Institute (PRODA) – Garri Processing Centres as well as other intervention projects by NITDA, ECN and others.

All these Projects in the nooks and crannies have boosted the socio-economic activities of the Ogun West in no small measures and increased youth employment and empowerment opportunities.

In the view of the above, development has several important implications. Economic development is not only economic growth.

As important as that (economic growth) may be to be developmental, it must be inclusive, providing supports and opportunities for those who are typically marginalized, vulnerables and undepreviledge (particularly women, youth, indigenous people, ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities).

“Economic development for me, must be environmentally sustainable, ensuring that future generations have the same opportunities as those alive today.” _Akinlade Abiodun Isiaq_

Economic development must be informed by cultural policies that enhance the capacity of people to assign meaning and purpose to their participation in the social and economic life of their communities.

Abiodun Akinlade, the man of mission and vision for Ogun west, Ogun state and Nigeria at large is on course bridging these gaps with his numerous efforts from the above mentioned and many others.

Uncontestable, collections has it that the Ogun West Political bigwig and former Federal lawmaker,now Federal commissioner representing Ogun state Hon. ABIODUN ISIAQ AKINLADE is second to none, an experienced forward looking politician and a philanthropist. His networking ability, future oriented programs within Ogun west are emperical and this has earn him more acceptability across many political classes.

Akinlade is a man to look out for in the stream of Ogun politics and Nigeria in totality.

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