All Hail the Unstinting Wike By Olaleye Olawale

Have you seen a man, who enjoys the sound of his voice so much that he’s unable to tell when he starts relishing in his own folly? Look no further. The one-time enfant terrible of Rivers, who is now the co-president in Abuja, aces this qualification.


If you’ve not seen the trending video of the Minister of FCT, Nyesom Wike, where he regaled a mummified audience of how he bought nomination forms for every current public office holder in Rivers State – from the governor down to the least office – then try to Google it and unwind with a clip loaded with grand idiocy.


If you are one of such unsuspecting members of the public, who wasn’t probably following political developments in the country, you would rather it was a moving speech, deserving of consideration.




It was designed just to weep up sentiments. Yet, you may start to wonder why anyone would turn against their gracious benefactor? It’s all part of the game.


As a lawyer that he claims to be, Wike can only get away with what he did in Rivers in a place like Nigeria. That he didn’t think there was any form of infraction in what he brazenly did is stupefying.


Yes, smarter politicians do this but intelligently. They buy forms for their cronies solely for control and do this only through proxies.


But Wike openly bought up all the forms in Wike, just so anyone not in his camp was denied the right to contest in the election.


The only person who dared to be different, Farah Dagogo, was picked up by Wike’s special forces on trumped-up charges and locked up till after the primaries were concluded.


Such was the reprehensible temerity with which he ran the state, thus imposing himself as the unsolicited despot of the 21st century.


But anyone listening to him would think he did the then candidates of the PDP some good by buying them nomination forms?


Did anyone beg him to buy those forms? Why is that even an issue in the current political disagreement in the state?


In case Wike has forgotten, no empire reigns forever. Whether now or in no distant time, his choke-hold on Rivers would be lifted. He has no substance – politically or intellectually – to sustain his villainous hold on the state and therefore, the eventual end is inevitable.


However, what becomes of him after office would be contingent on what he had done when he was the issue in the politics of the state. But predicting his denouement on the basis of his record is not a difficult task. What he sowed is what he he would reap.


Thankfully, the jury is still out.

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