Amnesty International fingered Coordinating Mass Protest to Trigger war in Nigeria ….. As protesters demand immediate expulsion

Protesters have stormed the Abuja head office of Amnesty International (AI) to demand that the Federal Government expel the internationally acclaimed non-governmental organization for inducing chaos in the country.


The London-based group, whose primary focus is on human rights, has been fingered in collaborating with other groups and disgruntled individuals to bolster violent demonstrations just to blackmail the FG.

AI is allegedly known to be smitten with Boko Haram, Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), Islamic Movement of Nigeria and other terrorist groups in the country.


It was on this premise that Concerned Citizens Conference of Nigeria (CCCN) declared a seven-day non-stop protest at AI’s office until the group quits.

In a statement signed by President, Hon, Samuel Adadu, the protester revealed that AI is exploiting the likes of Omoyele Sowore as primers to trigger the destabilization of Nigeria.

The group, therefore, vowed not to depart AI’s office except their demand is met.

Read full statement below:

We have as a matter of discipline resisted reacting to the so-called “RevolutionNow Movement” convened by one Omoyele Sowore. We have since found out that Sowore, a former presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), suffers such credibility crisis that his own party suspended him for “anti-party activities, misappropriation of funds and inability to convene the National Executive Committee (NEC).” This tells you a lot about the character of the man leading a supposed revolution: one who is not loyal to his party and can never be loyal to Nigeria; one who steals even from his own party and is desirous of accessing the public treasury; and one who is incapable of managing a party he leads but is eager to mismanage Nigeria.

The RevolutionNow Movement, unfortunately, beyond even this charlatan, who in reality is fronting for several proscribed terrorist organizations. Subsumed in the protests are the interests of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Nigeria’s latest terrorist organization and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), another terrorist organization. These are groups that initially owned the protests that they claimed they want to use to express their RAGE, a clear indication that they want to go on an orgy of arson and terrorism of industrial proportions.

Sowore, IMN, IPOB and their co-travellers in the planned violence are all united by one factor, their connection with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) with its candidate that was defeated in the last presidential election, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. They have all enjoyed funding and material support from him. It is no coincidence that the criminal demands that they had each in the past made differently are now harmonized as a group of demands RevolutionNow Movement. The demands are also consistent with the predictions of how Atiku will destabilize the country to precipitate the formation of an interim national government.

The tantrums of these failed entities and individuals have proven inconsequential, which was why we had concluded that reacting to their gripe would have amounted to giving them relevance and promoting them. They know not to break the law as there are ample provisions by way of legislation and judicial processes to address whatever crimes are committed in the course of them pursuing their illegality.

Our discovery that these individuals and organizations are in reality proxies for a foreign interest, Amnesty International, has altered the dynamics. Amnesty International is exploiting them as primers to trigger the destabilization of Nigeria, which is an agenda it has been trying to implement for a long time. The long term support that the international NGO has given to Boko Haram, Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), IMN, IPOB and other criminals in Nigeria is meant to culminate in the meltdown to be caused by the RevolutionNow Movement.

Amnesty International has been running social media campaigns in support of the protests, which is in addition to its trying to blackmail the Federal Government of Nigeria into not responding to the threats posed by protests being organized by the terrorists and scammers.

We have no other country to call our own hence our resolve to defend Nigeria from Amnesty International’s attacks on the sustenance of our democracy. We have therefore decided to launch an a 7-Day #ExpelAmnestyInternational Protests beginning from August 5 to send Amnesty International put of Nigeria. The protests will not only target Amnesty International’s offices and interests everywhere in Nigeria but will also target any protest that Amnesty International is supporting, like the RevolutionNow Movement. The protest will be seven days non-stop, including Saturday and Sunday.

The Federal Government and the law enforcement agencies should note that the only way to stop our protest is if they successfully expel Amnesty International from Nigeria before August 2, 2019. We will not at this time announce what will happen if the NGO is not out of Nigeria at the close of the 7-Day

#ExpelAmnestyInternational Protests since that will be premature. But we are confident that the protests will be so intense and effective that the nuisance group would have left Nigeria before we are done.

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