An Open Letter To Professor DANTENI Wushishi For The Inclusion Of Our Major Languages Of Niger State Thus; Nupe, Gbagyi & Kambari to NECO. Today is here, tomorrow is far, let the history starts now.

Dear Professor Danteni Wushishi,


It is necessary to write you this letter as every access to see you since 2022 went abortive.
First, complement of the Eid-El Fitr. It is our hope that you are fine and doing well over there
Professor Danteni Wushishi, I want to believe that you are the first child of the soil (Nigerlite) to enjoy this juicy position despite a lot of senior Professors in Niger State but God Almighty Chooses you to lead as the Registrar of NECO. Glory be to God Almighty!
Prof Sir, it is so appealing that due to your busy schedules you don’t take calls neither to reply messages but we consider all that as one of the characteristics of principal offices.
Professor Wushishi, we know you to be very religious but do not allow the influence of leadership destroy or attack your future….
I understand that since you came on board, none of the Traditional rulers of Niger State you feel are important to visit to say hello to them. Although, none of them is waiting for your visit but as a student of Nupe Language I feel that habit is not a good one. Muslims are known to be so obedient & respect everyone irrespective of status.
Perhaps, it didn’t occur to you and no one recall you to do that. Life is always vise versa….
Sir, it’s also important to regard our community Languages in the state before you vacate the office by including them to NECO otherwise “we won’t feel happy thereafter or later, which is unpleasant to your long time records.”
If it were a Yoruba MAN on that sit, the first thing he will consider doing is the inclusion of his native Language to NECO but the people of North Central have little regards for our identity which is a very bad one.
“This are the compulsory list of Art subjects in NECO GCE Exams for Art students in Nigeria:
English Language
Literature in English
Fine and Applied Arts
Other Nigerian Languages
Food and Nutrition
Islamic Religious Studies.”
I am sure Nupe-Gbagyi-Kambari should fall also under Nigerian Languages which is not an issue at all but the quick implementation.
I will like to use this small medium to inform you that you have some months to vacate office, let your association with us be a cordial one because we were the people around you before the PRIVILEGE of Registrar accorded to you and after it you will return to meet us. We would wish to receive you with smiles not otherwise by God’s Grace.
Finally, it is not longer a news to us that Federal Government of Nigeria calls for the teaching of Indigenous Languages, how would we get more participants if our children don’t see the importance of our Languages from SSCE?
I want to believe that this is a call that need an urgent response to give you a lasting History.
Adamu Idris Manarakis niw,
Nupe Language Professor Honourary,
28th April, 2023.

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