Another Great Honour from Tiv Nation,as BJFN President,Joseph Undu becomes Fellow of Tiv Professional

Last Saturday, 30th July, 2022, at the Palace of Ter Gboko’ll, the Headquarters of Tiv Nation, Chief Joseph Saater Undu, author, award winning journalist, and poet was inducted as a “Fellow of Tiv Professionals in Development,” by His Royal Highness (HRH) Gabriel Gbanongon Shosum, JP, KSJI, Ter Gboko’ll.


HRH who is a second class Chief in Benue state was accompanied by Fidelis Yough Ihundu, Managing Director, Cubanet Publishers Nigeria Limited, a media organization that is working in partnership with the organization.


According to the organizers, “Your induction is in recognition of your outstanding contributions, achievements, beneficial and unsolicited selfless service towards humanity, nation-building and peace in Tiv land.


“Our team has been following your activities for a long time before recommending you for this induction.”


Chief Undu missed the main event in May, 2022 due to busy work schedule.


While thanking the organizers for the honour, Undu said, “I am particularly very happy to receive this honour, because, I am meeting with the organizers for the first time ever. There is nothing God cannot do. Every little thing you do in this life counts.


“I urge the Tiv Youth to use their talents and skills judiciously for the benefit of humanity and the society at large. Doing good is good business. And for me, serving Tiv nation, Benue, Nigeria and of course, humanity positively is a mission that must be accomplished in my life time, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”


Recall that, Chief Undu was conferred with a chieftaincy title as “Ivaan I Tiv-Lagos” ( The Arrow of Tiv Lagos), in 2018 by the Tiv Traditional Council in Lagos and Mutual Union of Tiv (MUT), Lagos State Chapter.

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