APC Group reacts to Senator Yari’s outburst on Senate Presidency Election

An APC Pressure Group,The Godswill Project (TGP),has reacted to the Channels TV interview of Senator Abdulaziz Yari (APC, Zamfara State) in the aftermath of the election for the Senate President in which he contested with Sen. Godswill Obot Akpabio (now the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria) but was defeated.


In the interview, Sen. Yari lamented that he and his group were always “taking stock” until a few hours into the election of those senators who would vote for him and they took “stock of over 76” senators who were ready to make him the Senate President. He ended up getting fewer votes than he expected.


“Yes, I can say there is(sic) a betrayal,” Sen. Yari deadpanned.


The Godswill Project (TGP) in a statement signed by its Convener,Femi Odere accordingly said:


“It’s instructive, if not unfortunate that what Sen. Abdulaziz Yari saw was his betrayal by his colleagues but never for once contemplated, let alone envisioned the betrayal he would have wreaked on millions of Nigerians if they had voted for him to become the Senate President.


“We said it during the campaign for the Third Seat and it bears repeating here that taking into cognizance the huge religious polarization occasioned by former President Buhari’s bizarre lopsidedness in key appointive positions and the party’s Muslim-Muslim ticket that touched raw nerves (and still does) of our country’s Christian population, Yari’s ambition to become the President of the 10th Senate (as a Muslim) was the most insensitive, reckless and irresponsible pursuit of political ambition.


“With Yari’s recalcitrance and refusal to step down for peace, unity, and harmony that had eluded the polity for so long despite appeals by well-meaning Nigerians including the Number One and Two citizens of our country, it can now be said without any fear of contradiction that Yari represents those powerful elements who do not only want Tinubu to fail but are enemies of Nigeria’s peace, stability, growth, and development.


“We, therefore, see Yari’s lamentation of betrayal by his colleagues as not only a perfect betrayal but a favor done to him in particular and Nigeria in general. Yari should thank his colleagues for betraying him. And Nigerians should thank them as well.


“For a country and its people that have been traumatized for so long, we expect that the senators will now close ranks and cooperate with Senate President Godswill Akpabio and President Bola Tinubu for the huge development-oriented policies and programs ahead that will permanently change the fortunes of Nigerians for better.


“Anything short of this will be highly uncivilized”.



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