APC is PDP, PDP is APC… By Abdullahi Haruna Haruspice

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There is no party lines in politics here, we only follow individuals. So many people followed Atiku to APC and became Buharists , the moment Atiku switched camp, these situational Buharists became heavy critics of Buhari- they were the ones you hear saying, ‘I regret voting Buhari ‘

‘This wasn’t the change we voted for’. They hide under being fair to switch camp to the new location where their leaders birth. They are the new activists and proponent of good governance because their men are out in other folds.

The beauty about real Buharists like us is our consistent hold to the apron of the man we brought and supported to power. We don’t abandon such person halfway, we stick to his ups and downs giving him all the needed impetus to succeed. We are not fair-weather supporters.

APC and PP aren’t different whatsoever , they are platforms for individual aspirations – the ideologies of these persons are just personal interest, nothing more! If not what would make APC accept an Ize Iyamu who was the candidate of the PDP in the Edo gubernatorial election just four years ago?

What is Obaseki bringing that the PDP is ejaculating in ecstasy over his defection? Where is party rewards in these two political parties? Those who remain in the parties, sustain them to where there are pushed to the background while th new entrants are waiver decorated! Absolute party absurdities in this clime.

Indeed APC is PDP, PDP is APC- nothing different in their ideologies but intimate pursuit of individual happiness.

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Abdullahi Haruna Haruspice writes from Abuja

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