APC Thugs allegedly touches SDP Office in Anyigba

APC Thugs in Anyigba, Dekina local government area of Kogi state has attempted to raze down the newly inaugurated office of SDP in Anyigba over the night.

An eye witness account monitored in the early hours of Sunday morning saw the hoodlums burning down neighbouring houses and cars of adjoining offices, with burnt tyres at the entrance of the new office.

The Dekina local government chairman, Prince Ishak Okolo had threatened to burn down the house of Alhaji Salami Abdullahi, ASTA Nigeria Ltd for giving out an office complex to SDP.

An invitation by the police authorities in Anyigba before the official opening ceremony, the owner, ASTA Nigeria Ltd, Alhaji Salami Abdullahi told the police authorities that as an elder of the town he gave out the office free of charge, just like he gave to the APC before the last general elections.

The property owner alerted the police authorities that he will hold them and APC leaders in the state responsible if anything happened to his property, stating that he owned his property and give it out to anyone.

He asked the security agencies to protect his hard earned properties and family from the threats of Kogi state government and his followers, stated that they are good at sending arsons to burn people’s properties.

Anyigba and Egume town was totally lockdown on Saturday during the official opening ceremony of the SDP office in the two ancient towns.

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