Autopsies Of 26 Dead Nigerian Girls Revealed, 2 Pregnant

Autopsies on the bodies of 26 teenage Nigerian girls found dead in the Mediterranean in early November has been confirmed that they drowned at sea by Italian news agencies.
The victims’ bodies were found floating in the water by a Spanish military ship and brought to Italy on November 3 after two separate rescue operations.
According to the autopsy report carried out in Salerno, Italy, 25 of the girls died from asphyxiation in the water, while one girl suffered a wound to her liver.
Two out of the 26 women were found to be pregnant.
The autopsies found no trace of physical or sexual violence on the bodies.
The death of the Nigerian girls believed to be between the ages of 14-18 has been considered “a monumental loss and a sad moment for the country.”
Some victims have been identified by family members who survived the tragedy. Others were identified by contacting relatives whose phone numbers were discovered in the victim’s clothing.
According to reports from the UN, 80 percent of Nigerian women arriving in Italy are subjected to falling into prostitution rings.
A day of mourning has been declared for the funerals that will take place on Friday for the 26 girls in Salerno.
A white rose will be placed on each coffin. Smaller roses will be placed for the two unborn children.
Nigeria has called for an international investigation into the incident.

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