Barau’s Rare Antecedents , By Abubakar Yusuf

Senator Jibrin Barau is the Deputy Senate President DSP of the current 10th Senate representing Kano North Senatorial district for the third consecutive times, and held the Chairman Senate Committee on Tertiary institutions Trust Fund TETFUND in the 8th Senate, Senate Committee Chairman on Appropriations in the 9th Senate, and the current Deputy Senate President DSP in the 10th Senate.


As a seasoned politician of high followership, he was in the House of Representatives before moving to the Senate in 2015, having served at various capacities with the Kano state government before joining the green chamber.


Already tested and trusted as a humble public officer, philanthropist and care giver of high repute, the Deputy Senate President has a record of using a local mat to host his constituents and visitors in his office owing to their large numbers when ever they turned out on a visit.


It is also on record that naturally before now , he was surrounded with large retinue of both personal and official aides both at home and in the office and by extension his constituency.


Senator Barau had a record of having won elections seamlessly in a keenly contested 2023 general elections in Kano state, that was ghosted with New Nigeria People’s Party NNPP tsunami and by extension the Labour Party in the state.


His victory was an indicator of not only his popularity, acceptance and generosity, but owing largely to his unique way of practicing and deploying political tools to achieve it’s positive end.


Soon after his assumption in the 10th Senate, as Deputy Senate President, Senator Barau did not hesitate to hit the ground running by introducing many supports to Education and Health of his constituents and by extension the people of Kano state.


The introduction of scholarships to over 600 undergraduates of Bayero University Kano BUK was only official, as Senator Jibrin Barau before now had embarked on unofficial and private activities of payment of school fees for secondary, tertiary and University students of Kano state origin and by extension Nigerians.


With the current high cost of University Education and government’s growing responsibilities, the intervention by the Deputy Senate President DSP, Senator Jibrin Barau will go a long way to support the indigent families yearning for university education to leverage on his gesture.


The Deputy Senate President DSP has also embarked directly or indirectly in offsetting bills of indigent patients officially and unofficially in line with his personal decisions and countenance.


Recently out of his many gestures, he paid off the medical bill of a cancer patient running into millions, this was one out of many in recent times as his residence remained assessible and accessible and a beehive of activities any time of the day.


To improve and sustain the commercial status of economic hub of Kano state and by extension the entire North, the Deputy Senate President procured over 50 high capacity buses for commerical purposes to drivers in Kano state to support the transport business and private intervention.


The buses donated free of charge was to improve the commercial activities, economic impact after the removal of subsidy and support both the driver’s and travelers within and outside Kano state.


Barau who recently intervened in the closure of Shoprite Supermarket in Kano state has secured jobs for both formal and informal workers to the tune of about 10 , 000 that would have been laid and thrown into the labour market in the new year.


These gestures by the DSP was crowned with provision of constituency projects, empowerment and legislative assignments that will transform the lots of his constituents and by extension the entire country.


His empowerment strategy and programs has transcended beyond mere constituency projects and nomenclature, but given lives to ordinary Nigerians and his immediate community.


For DSP, Senator Jibrin Barau, his rare opportunity and privilege has transformed the entire landscape of the people of Kano North and by extension the entire Kano state and Nigeria at large.


A detribalized leader of his calibre had proved his mettle through his engagements of the three major Nigeria language extraction to hold various positions in his office at the current National Assembly of the 10th Senate, a decision that was rare.




*YUSUF, A Public Affairs Analyst writes in from Abuja,can be reached on [email protected].

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