Be steadfast against intellectual war against Islam— Sheikh Abdullah El-Ilory

A Lagos-based Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Abdullah Adam El-Ilory has urged Muslims to be steadfast and united to be able to overcome the intellectual war against Islam and Muslims.


Abdullah, who is one of the children of the great Islamic scholar, Sheikh Adam Abdullah El-Ilory, stated this during the Ramadan lecture of Bodija Estates and Environs Muslim Community at the Islamic Centre, Bodija, Ibadan.


Speaking on the title “Continuity of Intellectual War against Islam’’, the scholar who is also a lawyer, recalled that there was no more conventional war against Islam like the ones waged against Prophet Muhammad in Makkah and Madinah.


He said the greatest war against Islam and Muslims nowadays is intellectual war which includes deceptions and other modern day propaganda to woo the followers of Islam from the religion.


Abdullah went down historical lane from the ancient Islam to nowadays tactics against Islam and Muslims by the western imperialists, which had succeeded in destroying many Islamic countries.


He implored Muslims to be vigilant and careful in jumping at any offer from the western imperialists who will not rest on their oars until they weaken the power of Islamic countries and countries with Muslims majority politically and economically.


He cited cases of insurgencies of ISIS, Boko Haram, destruction of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Qatar, Egypt, Palestinian and other countries of dominant Muslim population as one of the ploys to destroy Muslims and Islam completely.


“Remember that despite the persecution and opposition of our Prophet by the Kufaar, he persevered and was victorious at the end of the day’’ Abdullah added.


Quoting several portions of the Qur’an and Hadith, Abdullah urged Muslims to exercise patience, be vigilant and steadfast as well as ensure proper training of their children and always seeking for Allah’s Rahma.


Other similar lectures held by the Bodija Islamic centre in Ibadan include Islamic solutions to the Nigeria’s problems by Sheikh Habeebullah Buhari, Islam and Social Justice by Khalifah Muhydeen Ibrahim Ayede and the right of husband to the wife and vice versa by Sheikh Muhammad Qaseem Ajisafe Akilapa.


The chairman of the community, Alhaji Waheed Alli told the Islamic faithful that all the lectures were carefully selected on socio-economic and political affairs to benefit members and contribute their own quota to the development of the nation.


Other highlights of the community Ramadan activities include daily Tafsir of the Qur’an, providing daily iftar to over 500 people and have weekly Sunday school for over 600 children at the Islamic Centre.

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