Be Wise, Just Be Wise, And Choose your Battles Rightly

We rush to point fingers, we are not patient in understanding what we fail to understand. So, I laugh. Some of the squabbles you see here have nothing to do with what you might think them to be about. Be wise.

Some of these fights, petty as they are, started before you were born. Now you offer your head, empty of history, light on civics, as a tool for breaking the coconut for a combatant, perhaps ensconced in a place of comfort, to snack on. Be wise.

Some of these battles have nothing to do with you or the subject you think it is about. Some pre-date social media. Some run deep, beyond this paper surface you have invested your energy. Some are so personal and you will never know. Be wise.

Think deeply before you weigh in. Think twice before you throw that dart at the other side to please or defend the saint on this side. You never fully know where they are coming from. You never know what they had in common.

Insulting a person you do not know to please someone you think you know, but you really hardly know beyond the personna projected here is unwise.

Social media fabricates assumptions in our minds and with time, we begin to believe, live and act them. Social media is largely a front, à stage. There is a lot happening backstage. So, be wise

Be wise. Do not burn possible bridges ahead of you in a bid to create the illusion that you belong, or to impress someone who you think you know but really does not know you or care about you.

That you have the words does not mean you must share. That it comes to your mind does not mean you must put it down for us.

Be wise. There is always a tomorrow. That tomorrow might just sneak in unaware. Just be wise.

Otunba Adegboyega Ademide Sasore-Whyte

The Cicero

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