BESDA; UBEC Giant Strides Towards Refocusing Education Sector In Nigeria, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF

The Universal Basic Education Commission UBEC in its bid to ensure all variables militating against the success of Nigeria’s education sector particularly at the elementary and intermediate levels is not resting on its oars, towards exploiting all avenues to provide standard programs in line with the local and the international best practices.


Aside, driving the programs at the National level, the agency also carried out concerted and collective efforts towards replicating it at the sub national levels and by extension the local government areas across the country.


This had led to the convening of series of programs in collaboration with critical stakeholders, foreign missions charged with education programs among many others, the international communities and local bodies whose primary objectives is to address multifarious issues that boardered on the development of education in Nigeria.


The convening of Better Education Service Delivery for All (BESDA), by UBEC in collaboration with all Ministries of Education nationwide and World Bank held recently at the Nation’s capital on Thursday, the 15th, December, 2022 was an eye opener to deliberately bring to bare sane educational policies and programs that will encourage standardisation of education and literacy in the country.


The quest for continuous policy on the part of UBEC along with critical stakeholders was a leeway to ensuring a more modest policy framework that will guide the design, planning, execution and by extension expansion to the sub national levels and local government areas.


For the handlers of UBEC in Nigeria under the leadership of Dr Hamid Bobboyi, the Executive secretary of the commission with it’s team had provided an enabling environment to ensure the uninterrupted and seamless execution of it’s framework to ensure strict compliance.


The Universal Basic Education Commission UBEC along with SUBEBs are determined to drive not only the policy thrust, but execution to the later to impart and impact new knowledge areas tricked down both to the direct beneficiaries and by extension other educational organs, as a guide to providing a modest learning environment.


The introduction of Better Education Service Delivery BESDA will not only complement efforts of UBEC’s drive to ensuring an improved policy framework and leeway into introduction of the new area devoid of any unforseen circumstances.


The continuous collaboration with the world bodies including multinationals and international agencies with clear cut educational policies and programs, as well as modest proposal to improve on the quality of education programs in Nigeria, no doubt will take the country to the promise land by reducing the illiteracy level and bringing to fore a more literate society in line with UNESCO, UNIDO, UNICEF and the World Bank, the hub of policy design and frameworks.


With the current reforms, innovations and initiatives embarked upon by the current UBEC, no doubt, in the shortest possible time, the systematic and uninterrupted review and introduction of new ones will improve the dearth of Nigeria’s education both at the foundation and intermediate levels to improve basic education in Nigeria.





ABUBAKAR YUSUF, writes from Abuja.

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