Between visible records with desperate aspirant  By Yusuf Ahmad Albasu

The drum beats of politics have sway across the country’s political atmosphere ahead of 2023 General Election. Where hidden and quieter aspirants have creep out from their abodes. As a keen observers of the political trends in Albasu, Gaya & Ajingi federal constituency of Kano state. We have seen this quieter aspirant creeping out from his Abuja abodes.


In this regards the choice before the people is between going forward, with records of visible achievements across the constituency as against the empty promises of a Desperate Position Seeker. Very fortune, the peoples of Albasu, Gaya & Ajingi local government area are wiser will only vote on their conscious for quality representation in the 2023 elections.


The constituents people we not let anybody to buy their vote for peanuts as the peoples will only vote for selfless and truly representative that will serve constituency diligently. Their will rise up to take advantage of civic responsibility in maintaining the emerging achievements spread across. The peoples of the constituency are sagacious enough and will only vote by their conscience and no one will buy them easily. As the constituency need an experience lawmaker who will remain with peoples without deserting peoples after election.


My simple message to the party’s delegates in the forthcoming primaries in Albasu, Gaya & Ajingi Federal Constituency to be wary of the Abuja’s base former appointee and now aspirant who mistaken rely on myopic though of having a backing in the Aso Villa. I am amazed with his desperation. His utterances before Governor Ganduje and other APC stakeholders meeting which was held at Coronation Hall of Kano government’s House in it’s efforts to have smooth primaries elections but this aspirant spoken arrogantly without recourse of decency and respect to the party stakeholders and thinking have the backing seat of power as he implying in his speaking before them.


His uncalled behaviour clearly reminded me what President Muhammadu Buhari has told his appointee who want to contest in the 2023 general elections to work hard and not use his name to canvass for support said this while meeting with some of his aides and staff at the State House to commemorate his birthday.


Mr President is right days are gone when mentioning his name or attached poster his picture can enable an aspirant to win election. Hon Gaya’s always stand in a matters affecting the peoples as black is back and white is white, this accorded him a chance to serve the constituency better and remain dedicated in serving the peoples to the best of his ability.


Why serving lawmaker remain best option since the invocation of the 8 and 9th National Assembly available indices showed that AMG’s performed better than other former members from the area. Definitely the peoples of Albasu, Gaya & Ajingi local government areas should not joke with our best at this critical time as we need more development in the area. Therefore, appealing to all to continue to trust him even beyond 2023 for more development.


Why constituency needs continuity, we all knew before 2015 elections the constituency has been neglected in terms true representation in the House of Representatives with poor constituency Projects. With unflinching commitments of Hon Abdullahi Mahmud Gaya the narrations has been change to much better. With apparent development across all the nook and cronies of the three local government areas. It is indeed a tasks before electorates towards consolidating the emerging development in terms projects and required representation in the House of Representatives.



Throughout seven years being in the House of Representatives he remain accessible and responsive to electorates holding regular interactions with leaders of the local government, party officials, elders and other party stakeholders to hear their priorities as their priorities are crucial in making any decision which have direct bearing on them. Hon Mahmud Gaya’s amazing conduct distinguished him different with rest of elected public servants whose singlehandedly taken decision without consulting their peoples but for him there was no decision taken singlehandedly without consultations of all stakeholders in the constituency and most importantly maintain a single phone number and also accessible, responsive in additions of visiting his constituency on weekly basis this has shows that he have provided far reaching consultative representation.


We need to encourage and support his aspiration in 2023. What he has done as a House of Representatives member is unprecedented. Hon Mahmud Gaya have accorded Education the attention it deserves, building 30 blocks of classroom consisting of 2 and 3 per block, including offices and toilets, were constructed and furnished throughout 30 wards of the Constituency is the first of its kind in Albasu, Gaya & Ajingi federal constituency The project would accommodate an estimated 7,000 pupils, as each classroom will contain 60 pupils and recruited 150 voluntary teachers and placed them on a monthly allowance of N10,000.


Knowing fully supporting women cannot overemphasize as they play a multidimensional role in today’s economy. 10, 000 women across the constituency undergoing different Training and Capacity Building Workshop on Poultry Production and other on Modern Goat rearing both beneficiaries received N20,000 each as a starting capital across three local government areas. AMG designed a special empowerment program for widows with saloon kits to start saloon businesses, grinding machine, cold room and sewing machines with 20, 000 Naira as seed capital to take care of their children’s. Considering the youth are the backbone of any society and country at large. For the first time in history of the constituency he have secured job to some youth from the constituency in Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN),Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) Nigerian Army, Navy, Airforce, Police, Civil Defence, Federal Road Safety Corps, KEDCO and many other places.


Even those without formal academic certificates are not left behind, they undergo skills training on various trade aimed at making them more economically self reliant through agricultural support with water pump machines for irrigation farming. Hundred of Cold rooms and a hundred motorcycles were also provided to support them. Hundreds of Solar Street Light across the constituency. Hundred motorized boreholes with overhead water tanks in each ward of the constituency were provided. Substantial amount of funds is provided towards rehabilitation security facilities across Albasu, Gaya & Ajingi local government areas.


To the party’s delegate, history will not be kind to them if their fail to do the needful in voting the right candidate. there is need for them not to compromise their integrity with monetary inducement or other sweet mouth promises by other aspirant vying the seat.


In the upcoming general election electorates will only vote for an aspirant who is accessible and responding to the voters plead and sees the electorates’ concerns as his concerns. and we understand the antics of this Abuja’s base who mistakenly rely on myopic thought of having backing in Abuja.


In all facets of performing Duties, Hon Abdullahi Mahmud Gaya’s stands out distinction



Ahmad writes in from Albasu, Kano state

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