Blackout in North East: NYPF President hails Sen Manu’s move to restore power

By Chukwuka Kanu



The Northeast Youth Progressive Forum has hailed Senator Manu Haruna of Taraba Central Senatorial District for his proactive stance on addressing the issue of vandalization of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) infrastructure, which has disrupted power supply in the Northeast geopolitical zone.


The motion motion promoted by Senator Manu Haruna on Wednesday at Senate plenary session, highlights the urgency of the situation and calls for immediate intervention from the federal government.


The President of the Forum, Kobi Usman Yakubu in a statement at the weekend said: “The lack of power in the region has had a significant impact on businesses, industries, and individuals, leading to economic hardship and social challenges. It is crucial that the federal government steps in to prevent further damage to the TCN infrastructure and ensure that power supply is restored to the affected areas.”


He also said” I, urge other lawmakers to support Sen. Haruna’s motion and work towards finding a lasting solution to the issue of vandalization of critical infrastructure, and urges the Federal government for the immediate intervention of this serious issue.


“Together, we can create a more secure and prosperous future for the Northeast region and the country as a whole”.

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