Companions of Prophet are Vanguard of Islam , says Badewa Shakirullah

By Maryam Kehinde Abdulazeez


A muslim cleric has depict “Muslims as the generation of knowledge. The cleric who stated this while discussing the topic – HIJRAH: Lessons from people around the messenger during an islamic weekly program tagged “TALK ISLAM” on Jordan 93.9 fm. Says Our history, our norms, our faith is based on knowledge”.

Imam Shakirullahi Badewa, the chief imam of the islamic dawah central mosque, kubwa, describes the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) as the Vanguard of Islam who were committed and lived Islam practically. They were Muslims to the core, no lip service. They stood by the Prophet (PBUH) through thick and thin.

Imam said “Allah used Muhammad (SAW) and those around him to re-write history, and if we intend Allah to do that, there must be a commitment on the part of everyone who wants to make history in life. There must be commitment among people who are ready to bring a change. Without this commitment, then we cannot go anywhere”

He equally delineate the life of Abubakr (RA) and Umar ibn Khatab (AS) among other companions of the Prophet (PBUH) as good people who wrote their names in gold.

He added ” if you want to hijiralize yourself, you have to move from what is evil to what is good, move from what is good to what is better, and move from what is better to what is best.”

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Maryam Kehinde Abdulazeez

Staff writer, Epistemic Consult Ltd.

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