Condolence Visit To Attah Igala by Kogi state government.

The Attention of the Palace of Ata-Igala is drawn to a picture of the state Commissioner of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs who was at the Palace to deliver the condolence message of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kogi State,whilst some 1st class traditional rulers were already seated in the presence of His Royal Majesty before the arrival of the Governors’ delegation.


The picture also showed the State commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs sharing a long couch with his Majesty.


The event actually was a condolence visit of some members of the Traditional Council to His Majesty following the unfortunate passage of his Elder brother, Deacon James Faruna Opaluwa Oguche Akpa.


The visit actually held at the inner recesses of the living end of the palace.


As the pictures indicate, the royal insignia and other semiotics accoutrements of the Revered Ata-Igala stool were not in view.


As is typical in a purely domestic visit, the State Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs was offered the seat out of courtesy, when after delivering the Governor’s message,


it became obvious that there was no available seat for him to seat. All available seats had been occupied by the Senior Traditional Rulers.


The palace is committed to the sacredness of the Royal stool and will never allow its desecration by any body .


Long live Agabaidu Ata-Igala and the Igala Kingdom.

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