COVID-19 PANDEMIC: NSCIA, AMIN call for special nationwide prayers

The Fatwa Committee of The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) and Assembly of Muslim in Nigeria, (AMIN) has called for Prayer for Humanity on Thursday 21 Ramadan 1441 AH Equivalent to May 14, 2020

The Supreme Committee for Human Fraternity, whose membership consist of the highest religious bodies in the world, has called upon the followers of the existing Divine Religions; Islam, Christianity and Judaism, to pray on the 14th of May 2020, which is equivalent to the 21st of Ramadan 1441 AH, in one voice, so that may Allah the Almighty ends the pandemic of Covid-19 and rid all mankind from its devastative effects.

The Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, and His Holiness Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church in the Vatican, are the initiators of this call for prayer among other religious bodies worldwide.

The United Nations Secretary-General has endorsed and blessed the move, as well as most Muslim scholars and leaders worldwide.

The statement read:

“we as Muslims in Nigeria and based on the following verses of the Holy Qur’an,:
“I did not create jinn and humankind except to worship Me”.
[Adh-Dhariyat: 56].

“Praising Him are the seven heavens, and the earth, and everyone in them .there is not a thing that doesn’t glorify Him with praise, but you do not understand their praises. He is indeed forbearing and forgiving”[Isra: 44].
“There is none in the heavens and the earth but will come to the most merciful as a servant”. [Mary: 93]

“Your Lord has said, pray to me, and I will respond to you. But those who are too proud to worship me will enter hell forcibly”. [Ghafir: 60].

Based on these noble verses, and in compliance with the guidance, teachings and the tradition of the master of the prophets and messengers, may God’s salutations and peace be upon him, has encouraged supplications and prayers to Allah the Almighty, at times of crisis, pandemics and other calamities that afflict people, and at all times, and according to the noble Hadith narrated by Nu’man bin Bashir said: “He heard the Messenger of God – may God bless him and grant him peace – saying on the pulpit: “Supplication is worship.” In another narration, “Supplication is the center of worship”.

“On behalf of the Fatwa Committee of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Nigeria, and on the advice of His Eminence Alhaji (Dr.) Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, The Sultan of Sokoto, and President General of NSCIA, and on behalf of AMIN, we call on all Muslims, and all Nigerians, Christians and followers of other religions, as well as our friends and loved ones wherever they are, to pray fervently in one voice On May the 14th, 2020 AD, so that God Almighty ends this pandemic. It is well established in the prophetic tradition that, during prayer for rain, all citizens are encouraged to go out for prayers regardless of their religion, gender or age.”

We also have the honour to seize this opportunity to renew our appeal to the leaders of all religions in the world, and in our dear country Nigeria in particular, to continue to work hard and sincerely in order to achieve peaceful co-existence in all communities. Conflicts and disputes should be resolved through dialogue and mutual understanding based on sincerity and honesty without linking them to any extraneous matters. May Allah the Almighty grant our prayers. Ameen.
Some of the supplications / prayers that Muslims in general can do on this day, are as follows:-,
1- Performing two rak’as with recitation of surat Fatiha and (Surat Asharh) in the first raka’a, Fatiha and (Surat Alnasr) in the second.
2- Praying upon the Prophet, may Allah bless and grant him peace one hundred times, then asking Allah the Almighty in any way to lift this pandemic and all kinds of hardship from all mankind.
3- Ya lateef (129) times for the individual or (116487) to be shared with others while maintaining social distancing rules
• Hasbuna Allah wa Ni’ma Alwakil (450 times) for the individual or 4,500 to be shared with others.
• Ya salam (371) for individual or (1371) to be shared with others
• Ya kafee (111) for the individual or (1111)to be shared with others
• Ya shafee (1911) for the individual or 10911 to be shared with others

We pray Allah the Almighty, to grant our prayers and end this pandemic, forgive those who have died, and to accelerate healing for those who have been infected by the deadly disease Covid19.
Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah be upon you”

Sheikh Shariff Ibrahim Saleh Al-Hussaini,CON
Fatwa Committee of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs of Nigeria
Chairman, Assembly of Muslims in Nigeria, AMIN

Wednesday 20 Ramadan 1441 AH
May 13, 2020 A.D.

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