Dave of Africa urges President Tinubu to conduct Census

Port Harcourt based Publicist, Dave Tuetara, fondly called, Dave of Africa, has urged President Tinubu to conduct the census so the Government will know the real figure of Nigeria’s population and use that data to implementation development plans

The publicist said Nigeria have been experiencing population explosion and this can be an advantage if the country embrace manufacturing, but its unfortunate that the Government does not have real data of Nigeria’s population
He said the Information can help Government spend wisely
He also said, China has done that already and now India and Indonesia are using their population productively
“Population growth can lead to economic growth. All the Government needs to do is invest in Education and support skills acquisition. If we have a productive society then we can prosper, we can manufature and even export, but first the Government needs to know the population figure”Dave Tuetara said.

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