Despite a peaceful Presidential election,it is not yet Uhuru for Kenya

Despite the verdict of local and international observers that adjudged the recently conducted Kenyan Presidential election as free and credible,the announcement of victory for William Ruto was unfortunately followed by protests as in the previous elections.

The first sign of the possibility of post- election violence is the dissenting position of four electoral commissioner even before the announcement of the final results by the Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission ( INBC ).The four Electoral Commissioners who are said to be recently appointed by the current President Uhuru Kenyatta announced in their press conference that the result to be announced by INBC that will give victory to Ruto did not reflect the true outcome of the election.It did not therefore came as a surprise when protests by the supporters of Mr Raila Odinga broke out in some parts of the country.
Mr Raila Odinga has contested to become the President of Kenya for 5 consecutive times and has lost in all occasions.Unfortunately,history will always remember the supporters of Mr Odinga with post election violence in 2012 and 2017 following his defeat at the Presidential polls.It is the hope of the good people of Kenya and indeed all Africans that this ugly precedence will not be repeated .The supporters of Mr Odinga should show patriotism and rise above the personal desire of their candidate to become President in their utterances and conduct for the sake of peace and stability of their beloved country.
The outgoing President, Uhuru Kenyatta should also demostrate patriotism and statesmanship by respecting the will of the Kenyan people above his personal interest of supporting Mr Raila Odinga.The fact that President-elect William Ruto refused to support his attempt at constitutional amendment to go for a third term should not be allowed to plunged Kenya into an avoidable political crisis.The mandate given to the President-elect, Mr William Ruto by the Kenyan people should be respected and upheld above the personal interests of President Kenyatta and Mr Odinga.
Mr Odinga and his party has the constitutional right to challenge the results of the election as announced by INBC in the election tribunal.Our hope is that they will thread this path to civility and not resort to violence and self-help.
Dr Bashir Mijinyawa is a public affairs commentator and writes from Abuja Nigeria.

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