Do Hijrah In Your Life, Abdurasaq urges his Muslim counterparts

By Maryam Kehinde Abdulazeez


A media practitioner, mind coach and a marriage counselor has urged Muslims to do hijrah in their lives, this call was made during the weekly program “TALK ISLAM” on jordan 93.9 Fm, Abuja.

Abdurasaq Olayode aka philosopher King who is a regular anchor of the program, while felicitating with his Muslim counterparts on the new Islamic year 1442 AH, described Hijrah which is the migration of the Prophet (PBUH) from Mecca to Madinah, as ” a process of transfer to a better situation”.

He said, There is a need for Muslims to migrate in their lives when you are struggling and unable to achieve a particular aim in a place, or in your career or in your life pursuits, then there’s a need for you to migrate to a better situation.

He added that Hijrah was on of the most important event in the history of Islam. It kindled the light of hope in the hearts of the early Muslims who set a shining example for all Muslims, in every generation to emulate.

Abdurasaq stated the significance of Hijrah from the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as thus;
1. The Prophet (PBUH) established and built a Mosque when he got to Madinah.
2. He established brotherhood between the Muslims of the city of Madinah and the Muslim migrants.
3. He established inter-Community and inter-Faith relationship.
4. He provided water (he instructed the companions to dig 50 wells in different parts of the city).
5. He encouraged the companions to cultivate land and make gardening.
6. He also established safety, security, law and order among other significance of Hijrah.

He equally highlighted the sacred months (Dhul Qadar, Dhul Hijjah, Muharram and Rajab) in the Islamic calendar and emphasises that no form of fight, war or abuse should be done in the months.

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Maryam Kehinde Abdulazeez

Staff writer, Epistemic Consult Ltd.

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