Do Not Hurry Your Expectations… By Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice

What I don’t eat is what you eat, what you don’t eat is what I eat- our common ground, however, is the toilet; at the end, we shall empty our bowels. The person who didn’t help you won’t go broke or get punished, the point is that he wasn’t the one destined to help you- your helper is on the way- na you no get patient.


I once dragged to sit in the front seat of a friend’s car, las las it started raining and the side glass of that side wouldn’t wound up. So I was soaked while the person I chanced was spared. We rush to our wit’s end because of our hurried expectations in life- forgetting that every of our paths is designed according to time and situations. The job you didn’t get today will surely come tomorrow because that is when God has decreed. The sun does not fade, when it’s your time, it will shine. Don’t hurry the clock. See, no-kill yourself for wetin never happen, ego surely happen only if you are patient.Impatience, fueled by hurried expectations, can cloud our perspective.


Life is a marathon, not a sprint, the reason it takes nine months to birth a child and another one year for the child to walk. Do not let anyone rush you into a needless race. When it is your time, you will shine, if it’s not your time, nothing you do would make the difference.


Those who got their breakthrough this year didn’t bribe God to be favoured, they are here because this is their time. By the time, it is your time, you will jive in fulfillment while they watch you as spectators. This serves as a metaphor for our tendency to rush toward our perceived destinations, forgetting that our life paths unfold in their own time and circumstance.


Forget the flying pictures of pre-wedding vows, this is their time. Next would be yours. As usual, they would cheer you like you are doing. If we all get married at the same time, where would our guests come from when we are all brides and grooms? Nothing in this life is ever too late, don’t hurry your clock, otherwise, you will halt its functionality.


Comparing yourself to others is futile; the car someone acquires today doesn’t diminish your potential. The wind of time blows unpredictably, beyond our control. Embrace the present, for tomorrow holds promises of prosperity. In this marathon of life, preparation is crucial for success. Patience and endurance, akin to a thermometer, measure the temperature of your readiness.


Success stories of others shouldn’t dictate your pace; each person’s breakthrough is a testament to their appointed time. Those applauding today’s victors will cheer for you when your moment arrives. The timing of life events differs for everyone. Nothing is too late; rushing only risks disrupting the natural flow of your journey.


Do not be saddened by the biting realities of today, tomorrow holds more prosperous bounties. Be ready for the harvest.


While you await your time in this marathon, ensure you improve yourself -for success only comes to the prepared. Those who succeed in life are those who are armed with the thermometer of patience and endurance. Keep your head up and push for the finish line – in this race of life, there are no losers but individual winners. Run the race against yourself and not with anyone as a competitor. Let’s clap for today’s winners, so that, we too can be clapped for tomorrow when our time comes.


As the year comes to an end, reflect not on unmet expectations but on the greatness within your life. The calendar merely marks time, not the measure of your achievements. Amid the familiar opportunities of tomorrow, recognize your individual victories. You haven’t failed; you’ve lived, learned, and grown. So, as the curtain falls on this year, applaud today’s winners and be ready to receive your ovation when your time on the stage of life arrives.


Free your mind from the worries of yesterday and prepare for the days ahead, which have on its horizon some silver linings. Go into the new year with a free mind, divulge of bile, venom, and resentment. Watch your expenditures, cut down on ostentatious desires, and spend more on what benefits your body and quest. Be security conscious, watch your health, and remember to spend time with family and friends. See you in the New Year.


Contentedly musing

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