Edo Peoples Proof Self Acclaimed Master Wrong By Abba Dukawa

Many Nigerians are anxious to get a glimpse on how September 19 Edo Governorship Election elections would look like. The long awaited Edo state election has come and gone. With the winner annourced by INEC APC’s former National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole was the great loser as a self acclaimed Edo state political godfather. Also All Progressives Congress (APC) as a ruling governing party bear same fate from popular protest vote.
In spite Edo state produced two national chairman of APC but even before the September 19 Edo Governorship Election political watchers predicted that the party heading to imminent defeat due to
Oshiomhole’s stubbornness thinking he can do or mar his political godson.
The party’s disqualified the governor Obaseki who is at political war with his former godfather. Former National Chairman of APC John Odigie-Oyegun when reacted to the disqualification said The disqualification of Obaseki by the APC Screening Panel is a hatchet job aimed at installing a stooge that will allow some people unfettered access to Edo Treasury. While not a surprise, that disqualification is clear indication that internal democracy has been murdered in APC, a party which we founded on the principles of fairplay and good conscience!
However, Self Acclaimed political godfather there is great lesson to learn as peoples we learn the lessons of life through pain, melancholy and the vicissitude of life and sometimes we learn the lessons of life through joy and comfort. Whatever be the case, the most important thing is the great lesson we learn out of the lessons life teaches us. If you fail to learn the lessons greatly, life will teach you a great lesson.”
Really Odigie predictions came to pass the party suffer dire consequences. But in real sense the peoples of Edo proof self acclaimed political master wrong by showing unflinching resilient against installing a stooge that will allow some people unfettered access to Edo Treasury. In nutshell Adams Oshiomhole still cause more damage to the ruling governing party than good its was under his watchful eyes the party’s strength weakening as the party lost controls of Sokoto, Benue, Adamawa, Bauchi, Zamfara and Edo states to opposition PDP. Now people of Edo have again spoken by reelecting PDP. The challenge before APC caretaker NWC committee is to ensure the party Ondo state.The onus is on the committee to mobilise the party, retain Ondo against drifting to the opposition PDP.
Finally, the out comes of the decisive Edo gubernatorial election one can says that Godfatherism is gradually fading out in Nigeria political circle. Against all the odd Givernor Abdullahi Ganduje defied Kwankwaso and won the election in 2019 general election.There is a lessons to learn from just concluded gubernatorial election in Edo state. Governor Obaseke defied Adams scaled through by defeated Oshiomhole’s godson and able to dethronement self acclaimed Edo political godfather from the political echelon of the State.
There is need for all Self Acclaimed Political Godfather to understand Yoruba’s proverbs which said the moment the masquerade begins to think he is God the masquerade will be unmasked and reduce to be a laughing stock that is lower than human being.
Dukawa a public commentator can be reached at: [email protected]

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