Today the 12th of Rabi’ul-Awwal, 1442H (29th October, 2020) is declared a public holiday in Nigeria and many nations of the world as a mark of respect for the Noble Prophet Muhammad, SAW, and in acknowledgment of the virtues he demonstrated during his life.



Prior to the emergence of the Prophet Muhammad as a Messenger of God and a Statesman the entire Arabian Peninsula was engulfed in darkness. Leaders were very tyrannical and the whole society was bereft of proper direction. There was a dire need for a purposeful leadership to rescue the people from anarchy which was the order of the day.

Within the period of 23 years of his mission, 10 of which he spent grappling with a stiff opposition and large scale persecution, the Messenger of Allah was able to establish and bequeath, not only to the Arabians but the entire mankind, the robust and most suitable style of leadership yet to be matched, let alone beaten, in human history.


He annihilated corruption, nepotism, insecurity, greed, selfishness, mediocrity, chauvinism, poverty and, most importantly, polytheism and godlessness. These vices are the bane of human communities today, therefore giving rise to global unrest, mistrust and oppression. It is time the leadership style of the Noble Prophet Muhammad is emulated to put an end to the negative tendencies currently plaguing the world.



A short release of this kind is too inadequate to x-ray the personal sterling qualities of the Noble Prophet Muhammad, SAW, making him deserving of the level of acceptance he enjoys even among the objective adherents of other faiths. Nonetheless, it suffices to remind ourselves that he was upright and thoughtful in his interpersonal dealings with everyone who came in contact with him. He was best in the treatment of his spouses and his immediate households, such that Anas (may Allah be pleased with) gave the account that for the whole of ten years he lived with, served and closely observed the Prophet Muhammad SAW, there was never a time he shouted at him, and on no occasion was he insensitive to his feelings.


In the same manner, his role-model wives and mothers of believers (may Allah be pleased with them) said his character was impeccable in all ramifications. Little wonder that he is made No. 1 of *The 100 Most Influential Persons In Human History* by a world acknowledged author, tutor and thinker, Michael H. Hart, who was not a Muslim. Quotes from the world leader, Muhammad Rasuulullaah SAW:

“Everyone of you us shepherd and each one of you shall be held accountable about his flock”.


” None of you shall attain eemaan (real faith/belief) until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself”. “The best among you is the one who treats his spouse in the best manner, and I am the best of you to my spouses”.


On this note, the Abuja Muslim Forum urges all and sundry to shun vices and emulate the virtues of the Noble Prophet Muhammad, SAW.



Ustadh Luqman Jamiu Ahmad.

Ameer, Abuja Muslim Forum.

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