Famous philanthropist Fatima Abdu celebrates birthday planting trees

Buoyed by her personal impact in the lives of the people she has impacted with kind gestures, some youths in Akwa Ibom and Borno States took to the street to celebrate the Amazon by planting trees in commemoration of her birthday.
Ubong Assam, a beneficiary of Barrister Fatima’s gesture wrote this on her birthday,
‘You are indeed a rare gift to humanity, rendering selfless services to humanity irrespective of tribes and religion spreading across the country. Your support to our organisation in Akwa Ibom and other states is highly appreciated. It is our fervent prayer that you continue to ne blessed by the Almighty God.’
Fatima Binta Abdu, Highly religious and modest in life, sacrifices for the sustenance of her religious value who in pursuit of heavenly rewards invest heavily in the building of mosques and homes for almajiris and always in the forefront of relentless advocacies for the rights and plight of vulnerable women. The VVF centre in Kano always plays host to her as she galvanizes support and materials to the women affected. Not a woman defined by geography, she joins efforts in far away Akwa Ibom providing support for lepers under the Hopes Door Foundation as well as donating materials to the Molai lepers colony in Maiduguri.
An environmental activist, she speaks for those affected by environmental degradation – a call she took to the UN Human Right Headquarters in Geneva where she called the world’s attention to the Violation of the rights of people as affected by environmental degradation.
As she adds a new leaf to her tree life, it is our prayer that she continues to enjoy the blessing of Allah as she gives back to tje society her time and resources.
Haruspice writes from Abuja.

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