FHA Roads Wears A New Look in Lugbe, Gwarimpa Estates.

By Abubakar Yusuf.



Commuters, artisans, motorists, residents and motorcyclists plying the roads in Federal Housing Authority FHA estates in Lugbe and Gwarimpa FCT has commended the management of the authority for embarking on the reconstruction of the long stretch of roads along avenues , stating that it had reduced to the barest minimum gridlocks, sufferings and casualties on the roads.

A visit to the reconstruction site in Lugbe on Tuesday was confirmed by the officers of Federal Roads Safety Commission (FRSC), Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO), attached to the area who expressed satisfaction on the ongoing rehabilitation, stating that causalities, hazards and control of traffic along the corridor is now contained compared to the previous months.

“We commended the management of the Federal Housing Authority FHA for considering this road, as a major outlet in out of Lugbe district by the Federal Housing Authority FHA.” The joint patrol officers mentioned.”

“The FRSC officer said before now , we kept vigil on the road by directing traffic from morning to evening, but after the reconstruction of the road, our jobs is now reduced to after office hours.”

“Sincerely speaking, as if the management of FHA had the cry of residents, pedestrians, motorcyclists and other road users.” She said.

Another road user, Mark John congratulated the authority for a job well done, as frequent visit to mechanics workshop for repairs was now a thing of the past.

“The frequent damages to motorists cars on this road is now history, as people had smooth ride on the road lately.”

Business outlets and small scale businesses appreciated the intervention of FHA, stating that it had increased patronage from the previous experiences, as most of our items for sell before now are riddled with dusts and other dirt’s.

A roasted meat seller popularly known as Suya) thanked the management of FHA for a job well done, mentioning that their products was always abandoned and rejected by buyers.

Also in FHA Gwarimpa estate, the residents and other road users and visitors lauded the developmental efforts of the authority for carrying out the major reconstruction.

The reconstruction of the FHA Lugbe/ Gwarimpa roads according to the General Manager, Infrastructure, Engr (Builder)Tukur Mohammed said both started before the rainy season, but will be completed in August for road users.

This was in addition to the completed linkage roads in FHA estate located in Gwarimpa to ameliorate the sufferings of road users in the estate.

“The intentions of the Authority is to spread the repairs to the streets in the estate going forward, to address permanently the problem of dilapidated roads in the estates.” The GM infrastructure mentioned.

Shop owners and make shifts business men and women were excited at the new looks of the road and expressed joy on the access road that had reduced to the barest minimum the hardship of people plying the road.

Commercial motorcyclists across the road appreciated the efforts of the government towards rehabilitating the road, saying they have reduced the cost of transportation in the area after the repairs.

“Before now, we charged high because of the dilapidated roads, but now we decided to reduce the cost down ward.”

“A journey from Police signboard flyover cost between N200 and N250 , but with the good condition of the road , we reduced it to N150, even with the removal of fuel subsidy and high cost of petrol.” A motorcycle rider in Lugbe.

“We have abandoned the road when it is late at night, but with the reconstruction, we have resumed both day and all night movement on the road . Okada man retorted. ”

An inspection visit to the two estates located in Gwarimpa and Lugbe FHA showed resumption and beehive of activities on the roads that was hitherto in bad shape and abandoned by road users.

Officials of the FHA maintainance unit were still putting finishing touches on the Lugbe axis of the road, while that on Gwarimpa FHA have been completed and fully put to use.

Engr Memuna, the Project Manager and staff of the authority confirmed the determination of the department to complete the Lugbe FHA road as soon as possible, as staffs of the department are working round the clock to put the road back to use.

She said more than 90% repairs had already been achieved on Lugbe axis, while that of Gwarimpa had been completed.

On many occasions, the management of the Federal Housing Authority FHA under the leadership of Senator Gbenga Ashafa has restated the commitment of the authority to ensure motorable roads across it’s estate in the country.

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