GADS: Stakeholders issue 31-point communique ……. call for effective engagement between Africa and its Diaspora

Stakeholders at the just concluded two-day Global African Diaspora Symposium (GADS) Abuja 2023 has released a 31-Point Communiqué ,calling for practical steps in having a unified and effective engagement between Africa and its Diaspora.
The communiqué presented by the Chairman, Local Organising committee, Mrs. Ibukun Odusote, expressed that the African Diaspora alliance experts were encouraged to partner with Ministries of Health in all African countries to deepen cost-effective healthcare, employ digital technology and invest in capacity building in the healthcare sector.
It was agreed that full, legal backing and strong policies that cater to the African Diaspora, as well as in individual states must be enacted and implemented .
Also the GADS Chairman, LOC stated in the communique that African Diaspora groups should network with relevant Chambers of Commerce worldwide to create interest and investment into Africa.
Also, African governments should provide an ease of doing business for local entrepreneurs and foreign investors for a seamless and profitable business ecosystem.
She equally stated that the Diaspora should support ICT development including digitisation of jobs, investor-networking, business-to-business (B2B) mediation, e-learning, exchange visits, partnering in SME development using digital platforms across sectors and industries in Africa.
In addition, it was noted that Agriculture should be encouraged by shifting the mindset of many to see the viable prospects in agribusiness. The Diaspora who are experts in Agriculture, were therefore called upon to proffer solutions and create ideas to rebrand Agricultural practice in Africa.
The communique stressed the need for easy mobility within and outside the continent for Diasporas, as it stands as the sixth region in the continent.
Furthermore, the communique established that a Diaspora Centre of Excellence in Abuja, Nigeria should be encouraged and supported in order to ensure it takes off on solid footing
Mrs Odusote, said that African governments should employ key incentives that will stimulate and increase the interest of more Diaspora in Africa’s development process.
Another point raised in the Communique is that an insurance policy should be created to protect finances, businesses, and investments of the Diaspora back home to boost business growth and development.
Also stated, African countries should provide assurances for investments through securitization of remittances by use of security documents such as Diaspora specific Bonds which will serve as a cheap source of financing for development.
It was made known through the communique that governments in all African states should facilitate easy interface between local and foreign Banks to ease the transfer and opening of Accounts by Diasporans.
The Communique called for proper funding and attention towards innovation, research, sustainable energy, as well as education in the continent.
The report encourages diversity and all inclusiveness such as gender mainstreaming and equality, in diaspora projects and positions to fill in.
The LOC Chairman further suggested that the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) serve as a clearing house and as a de-risking entity for Diaspora, while it called on all regional fora like the African Union (AU), NIDCOM, Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), and International Organization for Migration (IOM) to collaborate with credible Diaspora groups such as the African Diaspora Alliance (AfDA) to enable their smooth assimilation into Africa’s development process.
The report also requested a cooperation framework of all interested participating institutions in collaboration with AfDA, DTCA, NIDCOM, International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) within the next one year preparatory to the next 2025.
In conclusion, the Communique pushed that GADS should be adopted by the African Union and institutionalised as Biennial Diaspora Summit to develop mechanism for the actualization of the aspirations, goals and priorities of the Africa Agenda 2063.

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