Global Compact On Refugees GCR; Success Story Of Imaan Suleiman’s Refugees Commission. By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

To address the growing needs of persons with concerns in Nigeria and across the globe, ranging from school age, Internally Displaced Persons IDPS, Stateless, returnees, asylum seekers, and the need for regional approach through a road map for the vulnerable in the society, the Global Compact Refugees GCR was convened.

The National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and internally displaced persons NCFRMI, had keyed into the program since December 17th 2018, with a planned domesticated template for the vulnerable in 2023 in Nigeria.

The development informed the yearly seminar that held in December 2021 , geared for a robust global discussion, discourse and decisions on displaced persons ,so as to guarantee a veritable environment with global supports.

This was carried through the concerted efforts of United Nations High Commission on Refugees UNCHR, as a framework for more predictable and equitable responsibility-sharing, recognizing that a sustainable solution to refugee situations cannot be achieved without international cooperation.

This according to NCFRMI is achievable through the political will and determination in line with rhe international communities to strengthen cooperation, solidarity with refugees of affected countries with Nigeria not in exception.

The yearly affirmation that debuted in December 17 2018, was also meant to fashion out a framework towards the welfare of refugees with international cooperation and assistance.

This was in addition to a well thought blueprint for government and the international bodies to ensure host communities gets adequate attention.

This year’s program is crucial as the commission had provided an enabling environment to ensure engagement routes to refugees in Nigeria, to reduce pressure on host communities and open a vista of self reliance through skills building and training.

In Nigeria, refugees were also exposed to training and retraining in e- learning, through partnership with Nigeria Information Technology Development Agency NITDA to train initially some numbers of IDPs ,so as to expose them and expand access to other countries solutions.

NCFRMI under Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim supported refugees both in actions and reactions to either return to country’s of origin in safety and dignity or find abode in Nigeria.

These among others, the commission also adopted a standard review of it’s activities as required by the UNHCR ,an indicator framework to measure the progress, implementation of pledges, initiatives and the impact on the refugees across countries with international cooperation and collaborations.

The significance of Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim’s commission in the December 17th 2021 program, was the planned domestication of the Global Compact Refugees GCR , by 2023, for a more result oriented performance and expansion putting into consideration the international provisions for the welfare of refugees.



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