GOV. ABDULRAZAQ, LEARN FROM GOV. FAYEMI: You May Still Need Saraki in Future By  Samuel O. Ajayi

When Governor Fayemi came in for second term, he was under intense pressure to probe his predecessor, Fayose, and “embarrass” him.

In fact, both his aides and political jobbers were outdoing themselves to impress on Fayemi on the need to “deal with Fayose”.

Their regular line: ” If Fayose were to be in your position, he would do worse.”

But Fayemi stood his ground and told them repeatedly: “I prefer to face front and look forward.”

When Fayose was 59 last month, sources told me Fayemi was shocked and angered that no congratulatory advert was placed on behalf of the state government greeting the former governor on his birthday and he verbally queried some of his aides.

Few days later, Fayose’s son was getting married and Fayemi had been invited but the day fell on the Kogi election and he (Fayemi) had to be there. He could notbgive Fayose a firm commitment that he would attend. The night before the wedding, Fayose’s mum was said to have called Fayemi asking that he would like him to be at the wedding. Fayemi was shocked and felt honoured receiving a personal invite from the octogenarian and decided he would be at the wedding no matter what. But he didn’t tell his aides.

They just took off from Kogi and dashed to Lagos to attend the wedding. They got to Lagos before he told some of his aides where they were going to.


I provided this background going by the incessant war the current governor of Kwara State, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, is waging against Bukola Saraki.

Like Alagba Dapo Rotifa wrote yesterday, perhaps the governor needed to move on and govern. I also share the sentiments of my colleague, Olawale Olaleye who opined that perhaps, the office was bigger than Abdulrazaq. Pettiness, Wale claimed, had nothing to do with how rich you are. I have seen a billionaire withdraw a N2m worth car from a staff that resigned without any rancour.

Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has shown that his major preoccupation is to POLITICALLY ANNIHILATE Saraki in Kwara State. That is unnecessary and childish. Above all, it is impossible!

Let me make it clear: if there is need to recover any illegally acquired government property from Saraki, no crime in going for it. I support it. But in Nigeria, we know that PATRIOTISM and ALTRUISM are hardly the motive when sitting governors go after their predecessors.

The fact that Abdulrazaq is not fighting Ahmed, his immediate predecessor, but Saraki says it all.

Abdulrazaq is naive. He has made intentions shamelessly known. And that is why only his supporters will clap for him

Reason he has to borrow something from Fayemi who, even his opponents admit, is a more sensible and mature politician than his first term when he behaved like an untutored neophyte.

And that is why if Fayemi needs Fayose to do something for him today, the latter will oblige.

It does not matter if their respective supporters murmur.

Abdulrazaq will soon need Saraki. Mark my words…

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