GOV SANI BELLO COMMISSIONS A ONE STOP SECURITY CALL CENTRE …. Distributes Vehicles to Security Agencies in the state

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello has commissioned a state of the art one-stop security response call centre, fully equipped to coordinate and respond to any security threats or outbreak from all parts of the state.

Speaking at the event, Governor Sani Bello said “this is in furtherance to our concerted effort in making sure that our people are secured in any part of the state and country at large.

He assured that his administration will stop at nothing to secure lives and properties in the state.

He noted that crime and criminality has taken more sophisticated dimension as a result of proliferation of weapons, and curbing the menace, government and security agencies have to think ahead and deploy technology to litigate these challenges.

“This 24/7 one-stop security response call centre shall have personnel from all the security agencies in the state and will be responsible for managing and co-ordinating all the distress calls to redirect then to the nearest security outpost in such area, this will enhance coordination and will make response more effective.

State of the art security vehicles donated by Governor Sani-Bello


The Governor said, the government has procured and distributed 90 ninety hilux vehicles to support the operation in terms of easy movement of the security personnel including vigilante in the state. He also distributed 170 motor cycles and 30 bicycles for east access to all nooks and crannies by security personnel around the state.

He however called on the people to support the security agencies by reporting any suspicious character or group of people that pose or have the potential to cause any form of security threat to the nearest security outpost as security is a collective responsibility of all.

He reminded the security personnel, :To whom much is given, much is expected” he enjoined the security personnels to rededicate themselves and conduct their duties within the ambits of democratic rule and assured them of government’s will to continue to support them at all time to maintain the law and order in the state.

He dedicated the call centre to the glory of God Almighty for the continued peaceful existence of the people and for benefit of mankind.

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