Gov.Sani Bello Symbolizes Two Fundamental Components of Governance – Dr.Mustapha Jibril

Niger State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Mustapha Jibril has described the administration of Governor Abubakar Sani Bello as selfless, disciplined, prudent and most significantly, putting the people first with the sole aim of promoting democratic values.

Dr. Jibril made the disclosure at the resumption of Governor Sani Bello’s on the spot assessment tour of projects initiated and executed in all the local government areas of the state by his administration. The commissioner said that the Governor’s tour of the state was a fundamental approach to entrenching good governance and sustainable development, a genuine intention of the Governor to ascertainthe living condition of his people.

Dr. Jibril stressed “a leader that does not interact with his people hardly knows what their challenges are and how to help them overcome such challenges”

He said added that” Governor’s tour and inspection of projects across the state was a sure way of assessing first hand, the level of his developmental efforts and what the people think of his programmes.
“A good leader is one who carries along his subjects and listens to their cries and this is what the Governor’s tour accentuates; a commitment to serve humanity, the commissioner affirmed.”

“The restoration agenda of Governor Abubakar Sani Bello has positioned itself for greatness in the interest of Nigerlites, growth of the State and nation at large, from day one, the Governor has reasoned that for his administration to deliver the desired dividends of democracy and good governance, there is the need to holistically overhaul the system in the state” critically noting that, without a functional structure of operation, positive result(s) might just be another figment of imagination, owing to the fact that the system was already in a dysfunctional state when his administration took over in 2015″.

Dr Jibril Mustapha stated that, Governor Sani Bello symbolized two fundamental components of governance ; “Results ” and “Best use Of Resources ” , he maintained that the crux of good governance remain the efficient maximization of resources to produce results that will meet the needs of citizens and their society.
He further said that good governance does not just happen, but it take certain “processes and institutions” to make things work.

“Despite the economic challenges, Nigerlites under Governor Sani Bello and Nigerians under President Muhammadu Buhari are gradually witnessing and feeling the dividends of democracy, noting that, for meaningful development to ensue, Nigerlites and Nigerians must have to come together to assist government in other to attain a better, bigger and a more proficient system”.

“Governance in Niger State is steadily witnessing an upsurge in service, people inclined policies vis-a-vis activities and initiatives. The axiom of the exceeding statement is that, Nigerlites are gradually depositing their trust on Government hitherto believed by many to have been arrested and jailed in the shadow of mismanagement, indiscipline and insensitivity towards the plight of Nigerlites”. Dr Jibril added.

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