GOVERNOR SANI BELLO @ 52: Tribute To A Humble Personality By Mary Noel Barje

Leadership is significant in so many ways as it provides ample opportunity for leaders to relate and serve as catalyst for growth and development of all spheres of the economy. It also defines the value and attitudes that promote respect for human life and preaches against violence as well as provides inspiration, motivation and direction to their theme.

In all honesty, knowledge, wealth, fame and humility are what everyone needs to succeed in life. A lot of times, some people who achieve success forget who they are and from where they come from, while others remain humble. It is true that those who remain much more successful in life are those who embrace the values and principles of success.

In the multi-cultural setting of Nigeria, some people believe that the rich, and even their children, are arrogant, boastful and allow success get to their heads. No doubt, some people get a big thrill from boasting about their accomplishments or showing off their possessions. On the other hand, some people remain humble in the midst of plenty essentially because of their socio-cultural and family background.

If humility is a sign of strength and people with it possess inner peace, you will find them to be modest about their achievements, grounded in their values, comfortable in their own skin because they have nothing to prove to others. Humble people are authentic, they talk less and act more. “This is the reputation of ABUBAKAR SANI BELLO THE GOVERNOR OF NIGER STATE”.

The story of a 52 year old economist and an entrepreneur, Abubakar Sani Bello who has had the privilege of supporting public thrust out of share personal will and in adherence to the precept of his religion , is the story of the love a man has for the citizens of his State, having been inspired by their plight .

This is why Governor Abubakar Sani Bello an economist, intelligent and creative personality sees himself as a change agent whose primary vision is to chart an effective and sustainable development for the state,restore the faith of residents of the State and their political leaders,assures them of good governance and rekindle their faith in the State.

Born in Kontagora, headquarters of Kontagora local government Area of Niger State on the 17th of December 1967, into the family of A former military Governor of Kano State Colonel Sani Bello, as the eldest child of the family . He had his basic education at the St. Louis Primary School Kano from 1974 – 1979 and later went to the Nigerian Military School Zaria from 1980 – 1985. Thereafter, he went to the prestigious University of Maiduguri between 1986 and 1991, where he obtained a B.Sc. in Economics.

Coming from an entrepreneurial background, Governor Sani Bello spent more than two decades traversing through both the private and and public sectors beginning his career with off shore pipeline International shipping department .

It all started as a Youth Corp member in Port Harcourt where he served, and was a Supervisor in the Marketing Department of NICOTES services.

Thereafter, this accomplished private sector expert worked at many other places including but not limited to big establishments like Millennium Travels and Tours, Properties and Estates Limited, Board Member and Alternate Director of Broad Bank and MTN, Dornier Aviation Nigeria, AIEP Limited, Heritage Hospitality services Limited, some of them even at managerial levels.
However, Governor Sani Bello had a brief but remarkable stint in the public service when he was appointed Commissioner for Investment, Commerce and Cooperatives in 2009, by the immediate past administration. It was here he, first, ‘cut his teeth’ as a politician where he demonstrated his competence and also proved himself to be an incorruptible person with a firm philosophy that governance is all about service delivery to the collective good of the people.

He instantly became a reference point for excellence, but resigned few months after, when the discovered an attempt to mismanage his ministry’s fund from another ministry without his knowledge and consent.
He later contested and became Governor on May 29, 2015, following the political landslide that swept across virtually all segments of the country. Under the change mantra, Governor Sani Bello was aware and took cognisance of the fact that the hard work of change is a collective responsibility.

It took the ingenuity and imaginative bounce of Mr. Governor to begin to set the ball rolling. And years after, his discernible capacity for economic dexterity has left many skeptics eating their words.

It has always been the dream and aspiration of Governor Sani Bello to champion the course of the common man in form of service to humanity, But as a realist, he never made commitment and promises he cannot fulfil.

This principle has given him the leeway and latitude to fulfill the yearnings and aspirations of the electorate without reflecting, too much, on the covenant he has with them. His enthusiasm to excel even within the broad constraints of financial resources has spurred him to look at the state within the purview of opportunity and enterprise.

Governor Sani Bello, as a pivot of peace, leadership and good governance, is a hardworking person who detests laziness and all other unproductive vices. However, at leisure, he likes to travel and to also relax, especially in the wide expanse of nature, together with his family.

Although not much can be said about his public life, Governor Sani Bello can be said to be a person of integrity, unassuming humility, a visionary, smart, honest and of unblemished character. Mr. Governor is a family focused man who is married to Dr. Amina Abubakar Bello and blessed with lovely children.

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