Halims; Redefining Science and Technology Education In Ankpa Federal Constituency. By ABUBAKAR YUSUF

The long neglect of Ankpa federal constituency in science education was a pathetic situation, this alone had hampered technology Development, education and transfer as we approached 21st century when science and technology had become the other of the day globally.

The unfortunate development had led to the general apathy of secondary schools students whose intention is not only to acquaint themselves with science education, but invest their future in various professions with science education as prerequisites.

The dearth of equipment had affected most of our secondary schools in Ankpa federal Constituency churning out students in business, arts, education, and other adjoining programs in the university, that lacked initiatives of and future of our leaders from the federal Constituency.

It had become a norm before the inception of the federal lawmaker representing Ankpa federal Constituency, Rt Honourable Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali (Halims) , as science education and technology as well as communication technology was no go area, when the world was moving towards series of innovations in all ramifications in the present dispensation.

Worried by the sad development, he ressolved to address the growing disadvantage by investing in the foundational education, were the obsolete science laboratories of all the secondary schools in his federal Constituency were no longer accessible and assessible.

He went out of his way to articulate the needs assessment of all conventional and science based secondary schools in Ankpa, Olamaboro and Omala and donated science equipment worth 50M to schools in collaboration with a federal government agency located in Enugu state.

Having been known as a responsible and responsive representative, he did not hesitate to set up a committee that interfaced with schools with existing science laboratories in Ankpa federal Constituency that brought back to life science education in our secondary schools.

The positive developement had returned not only the decades apathy and denial of naturally gifted science students from furthering their ambition through science exploration, but will attract new pupils whose preference is science education in the federal Constituency.

Halims had reawakened the hitherto idled and unutilized science teachers been paid with tax payers money or communities in Ankpa federal Constituency to be alive to their responsibility as they returned back to work.

The dearth of science students whose intentions is to make a life both at the tertiary , university and post university education in sciences and it’s adjoining programs has finally being relived by Rt Honourable Abdullahi Ibrahim, Ankpa Federal Constituency.

Secondary School leavers from the federal Constituency can now take their future through studying of medicine, nurses, engineering, aeuronautics, and other numerous science based programs to mention but a few, away from the saturated market of accounting, marketing, business management, education and administration and other art based programs in the universities and across the country.

Secondary Schools graduate of Ankpa federal Constituency, courtesy of Rt Honourable Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali will now compete favourably and extend the benefits of science education to their immediate communities,state, and nationality.

It is now history with donation of science equipments, aside transfer of science education, technology transfer both locally and internationally, will be guaranteed with representation from Ankpa federal Constituency making the list of eligible and qualified Nigerians.

In his words, ‘it is my intention to also donate to my alma mater, formerly Ochaja Secondary School, now Kogi, state Science Secondary School , Ochaja outside his constituency Rt Honourable Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali Halims passionately said. This is exemplary of a elected representative.

Having complemented with provision of computers across some selected schools in collaboration with the National Productivity Centre NPC, it will be a done deal that both science and computer education will be the hallmark of more development to Ankpa federal Constituency with the aide of the federal lawmaker.

The patriotic stance is worth replicating in 2023, as Rt Honourable Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali, (Halims) , will again seek to continue the good works he has started by opening up more areas on Agriculture, empowerment, capacity building and training, elementary education, employment opportunities, health, and many others embarked in the last few years.

A stiche in time, saves nine, Rt Honourable Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali Halims has done it and will do more when he returned in 2023.


Abubakar Yusuf writes in from Abuja,he can be reached via;[email protected].

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