House of Reps ,of Legislative Agenda and Capacity Building, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

Having assumed duty in June, 2023, Rt Honorable Tajudeen Abbas as the 10th House of Representatives Speaker, sets the ball rolling in all areas of National Development.


Having identified the process of development in the last dispensation of the 9th Assembly as leaving much to be desired and the need to set a target, the decision of the 10th Assembly under Rt Honorable Tajudeen Abbas was proactive and on course to deliver not only on its mandate, but dividends of democracy to Nigerians .


Hence , the need to approach the current dispensation with all seriousness it deserves in terms of legislative priorities and by extension sound economic policies and good governance cannot be overemphasized.


To address the issues wholistically using the legislative agenda, the Economic Empowerment/ Diversification, Infrastructural Development, Education, Human Capital Development, Health, Accountability and Transparent Governance, Safety and Security of Lives and Properties among many others was listed as part of the legislative agenda.


The detailed document that contained the needs assessment of the country was convened to chat a new course for the development and accelerated decisions that will be all encompassing for national integration containing all arms of government.


The need for a robust legislative agenda and program of activities coincided with the growing need to build and rebuild the capacity of both new and returning members with a view to confronting both the previous and emerging challenges in the current dispensation.


Soon after the 2023 general elections, the growing dimensions and outcome of the general elections particularly to the green chamber had alot of concerns , with a highly mixed new federal lawmakers against the returning ones as it was in the previous dispensation.


The green chamber under the leadership of Rt Honorable Tajudeen Abbas had no choice than to prioritize capacity building for it’s members in conjunction with both internal and external bodies, to ensure lawmakers are inundated with the intricacies of lawmaking in the 10th Assembly.


The proactiveness of Dr Tajudeen Abbas 10th House of Representatives to organise many days capacity building to orient and refresh lawmakers was seen as an eye opener that will guarantee sane lawmaking and robust governance in Nigeria.


The idea of capacity building and development was a corrolary to delivery of mandate in all areas , therefore, the idea muted by the 10th House of Representatives was in line with the beat practices, result oriented to achieve the legislative mandate of the current Assembly.


Six months down the line, no doubt, the leadership of Dr Tajudeen Abbas at the green chamber has revolutionized the activities of the current dispensation using a multilateral approach towards achieving all ends.


No doubt in the course of time, using the two major weapons in addition to introducing more programs , will achieve the expected target of high perfoming 10th Assembly in the current dispensation.





YUSUF, a Public Affairs Analyst writes from Abuja on [email protected].

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