Hussaini Mohammed Gana emerges Best World Nupe Writer

Hussaini Mohammed is one of the oldest Nupe Language students of ILLEC whom became an Instructor and a Nupe Language teacher with Police Secondary School Minna.
Hussaini has been actively participating every year until this victory that made him the WINNER of Nupe Literature Prize NLP 2023 with a book titled; “NANPAPAGI.”
Fatima Suleiman Musa Bida is clitched the Second Position with a book titled “Foci o?” while Alhassan Adam Alhaji who came all the way from Kwara State came third in the contest with a book titled; “Gani yi a lo.”
However, the winner said in his appreciation; “My deepest gratitude goes to Almighty Allah, the rewarder of deeds, who made it possible for me to win this Nupe Language Price NLP contest. I also want to thank my mentor and tutor, Hon. Prof Adamu Idris Manarakis Tashiru Nupe, the director of the Indigenous Languages Learning Center (ILLEC). I also want to thank ILLEC, my family and friends for their unwavering support and encouragement. I am honored and humbled to receive this prestigious award.
“It is a dream come true to be recognized for my work and to share my writing with the world. This award will give me the opportunity to continue to develop my skills and reach new heights as a writer. I am grateful to everyone who supported me on the adventure of writing and I will continue to strive for excellence in my craft, inshaAllahu.
“I have been entering this contest every year, despite never winning, but I keep reminding myself that someday I will win. So, my advice to my fellow contestants is to not give up, but to work harder next year, and keep believing that you will win someday.
Indeed I’m pleased to emerge as the winner of NLP of the year 2023.
“Min a dajin ya etsu Soko na yi egagbaci nya etunzhi na, na la min ci gi ganasa Ewo Enyaka Nupe (NLP) na. Min e ke wagan min dajin ya ndakata min be man nyaba min nyi Manko Adamu Idris Manarakis Tashiru Nupe, nayi ebawuci nya ILLEC na. Min e wagan min dajin ya kpikpeba ILLEC, yegi minzhi toh eya min zhi be zunmatu wangi ahbe be sharafu i. Be-min cinwan be ekpyda na min a go ryatwa gawama (Award) na. Wun yi enya wiwaci a fe gugoci na ah le etun min ye wangi na, yizhe kpata ca a leye gba na. Ryatwa gawama nana ah laya ya min na, wun ga a zhe sharafu na min ga a enyaka min be gan panyi, na min a de elatu saranyi yeko enyaka o na. Min dajin ya zandondo na ga ba min jinre ezan enyaka o na, min ma a kadan be enyaka wangi gan panyi.
Min fe lo ganasa nana eya ndondo toh na min fe gi a na, anma min fe gan be etitacin min nyi gan fondoci min a be gi, beacin epagi min lo eba za e zhi lo ganasa nana be min nyi na, ye ga labo ma, ye a kadan gan panyi eya woro, kanga ma ya a ladan nyagban o kede fondoci yetso a be a gi. Bemin gboro e min fanyagban na min a ga gi ganasa Ewo Enyaka Nupe na o.”
“Congratulations to Nupe Land, Congratulations to the proudly Nupe from C Zone of Niger State and congratulations to all the participants”.

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