If President contest election today, he will not win- Danbilki Kwamanda.

A staunch supporter of President Muhammad Buhari Abdulmajeed Danbilki Kwamanda said if President Muhammad Buhari had the chance of contesting election in Nigeria today he will not win.

Abdulmajeed Danbilki dropped the bombshell on Saturday night during an interactive programme with Vision FM ,a private radio station monitored in Kano.

Abdulmajeed Danbilki a die-hard of President Buhari’s school of political thought said the President’s popularity has diminished by 50 percent especially in immediate constituency.

Abdulmajeed noted that President Buhari was not committed to grilling his appointees when it comes to service delivery.

He said a committed leader do follow up on appointees to ensure that they discharge their duties and lamented that President Muhammad Buhari not doing so.

He therefore called on the President to change his style of leadership before the end of his tenure.

The political sage further urged President Muhammad Buhari to extend the tenure of Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Adamu.

“like you did to lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai and his colleagues including Air Marshall Sadiq Abubakar ,the Chief of Air staff,you should also extend the tenure of IG Muhammad Adamu due to his impressive performance as the police chief” said Danbilki Kwamanda.

He noted that if Adamu’s tenure is extended like that of other service chiefs it will be for the good of the country.

Since President Muhammad Buhari joined politics in 2002 Abdulmajeed Danbilki Kwamanda , an unrepentant supporter of the President ,has parted ways with many politicians in Kano that crossed President Muhammad Buhari’s ways.

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