ILLEC @ 33 :Nupe language school felicitates with first Nupe language Professor, Adamu Idris Manarakis

The Nupes Language School has felicitated with the the first Nupe language Professor and founder of Indigenous Languages Learning Centre in Nigeria(ILLEC).on the occasion of 33rd anniversary of the centre.
The congratulatory signed by the school management read :
Before your 33rd years Anniversary, you brought a lot of happinesses and joys to kinnupe. All the ideas nursed or nourished by you are the things one could think is almost impossible even in a mere dream, especially in the aspect of rebirthing a moribund Nupe Language. You made it possible through consistency and lots of efforts.
You established the first Nupe Language School on both Online and a Physical learning Centres,
You are the first Nupe Born to Establish a pure Nupe Monthly Newspaper which is yet to be marched off.
You are the first Nupe son who Invented pure Nupe Mathematics with Numerical terms & Digits,
You are the first Nupe born who persuaded the inclusion of Nupe Language to FP Bida, COE Minna, IBBU Lapai, FLAILAS Minna, IMADELLA, NIBRAS College, National Teacher’s Institute NTI, and NECO etc.
You are the first person in Nigeria as far as Minority Languages of the country is concern to Propagate with a full Backup-Action that a child must speak unfiltered or unadulterated Nupe Language in his or her native voice.
You are a Radio Nupe Broadcaster and Presenter with the Prestigious Prestige 91.7 FM Radio, Minna. A Nupe specialist and Analyst with the most wider coverage Nupe Radio listeners across the world.
You wrote about 30 Nupe books on both published and unpublished to your name.
Also, a married man with a wife and two children (boys).
Frankly, you are the celebrant but we are the happiest for your Birth to this world. You came to conquer or change a state of a moribund to a momentum. At this moment, Kudos to you a figurative of simplicity and a gentle man to the core. Sir, we salute you above 360 to the ground!
Once again, Congratulations an ICON Sir, we wish you happy belated 33rd years Birthday Anniversary our own Professor Honorary Causa in person of H.c Prof Adamu Idris Manarakis niw, (Tashiru Nupe) and Director ILLEC.
“ILLEC, the number one Indigenous Languages School is yet to be copied in Africa….”
Nupe Language Schools.
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