Imaan; Two Years of Matchless Exploits at NCFRMI, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

The National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Person’s NCRMI had made significant reforms and innovations two years down the line, under the leadership of the Hon federal commissioner, Hajiya Imaan- Suleiman Ibrahim.


Imaan redeployed from NAPTIP to reposition and transform the refugee commission in line with the present realities, tackled all the teething problems headlong using both immediate and long term solutions to achieving so much two years down the line.


She promised on assumption of duty to convert the ceremonial and annual programs into ‘projects’ which he executed without delay.


The positive development in the two years of stewardship had also affected other areas locally and internationally to address the problems of persons of concern POC’s in Nigeria.


The notable problems of managing the refugees , migrants and internally displaced persons IDPs by providing not only befitting shelter , but provisions of basic necessities that will sustain the healthy living of IDPs.


The new commissioner during the last September, 2022 United Nations General Assembly UNGA promised the the world assembly of seamless repatriation of over 500, 000 refugees and migrants across three major African countries to Nigeria.


Not done with other emergencies and matching words with action , the Hon commissioner began the process of repatriation of the refugees and migrants back to their various destinations in the country, a situation that had improved on the image and actions of the commission.


Imaan NCFRMI also played significant roles in other major and minor migration programs back to their original abode to reunite and ensure peaceful coexistence and unity by the government.


The recent leading roles by the commission in the war ton Sudan was complementary to the success recorded in the two weeks exercise that brought home over 2,5000 students and Nigerian citizens from the country.


The May crises that threw Nigerian citizens carrying out their lawful activities and the quick intervention of NCFRMI brought home safely the 1,100 from Aswan and 1,148 from Sudanese capital.


This feat showed the level of commitment, reforms and innovations been brought on board by the commission to safeguard and protect citizens both at home and in the Diaspora.


The Commission under Imaan Suleiman- Ibrahim had embarked on wholistic resettlement process for the migrants who came in their large numbers back to the country, with most of them students of various institutions of learning.


The two weeks exercise, safe returns and synergies with other agencies and private organisations that assisted in the evacuation without hitches, was an indicator of home grown and determined leadership at the commission.


Having resettled the Sudanese migrants successfully most of them mainly students, efforts have commenced to fuse them into the schools of their choices, after going through their health status and fitness to return back to schools in the country with fitness in all areas.


The major achievements was a pointer to the numerous achievements recorded in the last two years under Hajiya imaan- Suleiman Ibrahim appointed by the federal government in June 14, 2021.




Yusuf, writes from Abuja and can be reached on [email protected].

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