IPAYP Global Leadership Endorses Val De Mauris Academy Abuja

An International partnership between Independent Pan African Youth Parliament and Val De Mauris Academy Abuja on Sustainable Development Goals has been brokered.


The partnership titled IPAYP SDG high school training center, an IPAYP’s initiative in Africa gave Val De Mauris Academy the opportunity to serve as West African high school SDG learning center.


Speaking after a youth education program in Mombasa Kenya, the Youth Parliament President Amb Obinna Sixtus Nwoke expressed his happiness and affirmed his confidence in Val De Mauris Academy.


The president said ” I have visited Val De Mauris Academy Abuja and other schools in Nigeria, the neatness, serenity, curriculum, administrative setting, employee and employer relationship, among others were what informed our decision” he said.


The essence is to create an opponent for secondary school students and those in the upper primaries to grasp the purposes and targets of SDG’s.

The center will have trainers from its Global youth networks to offer a comprehensive core curriculum on issues integral to Sustainability of our planet including health, education, climate change, agriculture and other related fields.

In a related development, the university of Nigeria has offered its youth friendly resource center for IPAYP’s SDG purpose free. IPAYP therefore will develop a corresponding linkage between Val De Mauris Academy and University of Nigeria.


The President also said that the MOU between IPAYP, UNESCOCFORGE and VAL DE MAURIS will capture all areas of interest .The initiative was expected to be formally launched during the new academic session, while details of the training manual will be made available to members of the once it’s ready.


IPAYP leadership promised that the initiative will enjoy and attract International attention.


Val De Mauris Academy is now a global household name courtesy of IPAYP.



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