Is the white man confused or it is the black man that is unstable? By Abdullahi O. Haruna Haruspice

It is either the white man is confused or the black man is unstable. For all the things they kicked against, are back to us in poking realities. The white man met us in leaves and bente and fought viciously for us to be covered with clothes – when eventually we accepted to be well covered- protecting our bodies from the menacing elements- the same white people did a detour and now choking us that we should go naked so as to express ourselves! What a lamentable contradiction!!


The same white man preached to us about homosexualism, invoking strong and scary repercussions – we heeded to their sermons, just when we have settled for man-to-woman having sex, they catapulted us to another contrary realm, this time, saying, a man can have sex with another man- a man can marry a fellow man and women having same sexual interaction with themselves. What a stoic and ironic contradiction!!


The black man was very okay with his communal existence until the white man came and distorted that entity. First, they stopped us from marrying more than a wife and forced us to be stuck to just one wife and man. We complied, just when we came home with this, then came the forced advocacy to enjoy the statutes of single parenthood. Today, being a single parent carries more prestige and legality than being polygamous.


The white man frowned at our exponential birth rate, they preached population control. In compliance, we followed suit like zombies. Then from nowhere, the same superior thinkers are back to us selling us innovations to increase our population. Today, we increase our birthrate through machine assisted innovation like the IVF, fertility boosting drugs, and even adoption. What an intriguing contradiction!


At the just concluded Grammy Awards last night, while the white celebrity artistes graced the event clad in the best clothes covering their bodies, our black celebrities especially the women went to the event with their breasts flashing grotesquely like halogen light! Why would someone go out to the public with her body exposed?


Contradictorily musing

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