K1 De Ultimate’s Heartbreaking Tribute To His Late Daughter, Who Died This Week In Canada

Fuji veteran, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall is bereaved, he’s currently mourning the demise of his beloved daughter, Wasilat Anifowose Marshall who died earlier this week in Canada.

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Wasilat who was 34 years, reported dead after a brief illness. May her soul rest in peace

K1 has since took to his IG page to mourn his late daughter and wrote below:

17th July 1983 -12th December 2017, The 2 dates in
HISTORY and shall never be forgotten ever in my life..
The first, a date you came to this world and the later
the day you departed.
I give glory & thanks to God Almighty who gave you to
me as a GIFT by you coming to this world for a
purpose and through me, I have seen that severally
while you were growing that I am PRIVILEGED to be your
FATHER and also to the kind of a child that also double
as my FRIEND.
About your sickness and all our efforts through Medical
means that was available to us to make you better failed us,
neither did your prayer and that of mine and
everybody that loves you never heeded by God, rather
it is a direct word from God Almighty that Allah
Subhanalahi Watahala wants you around him in his
PARADISE and I totally submit to that and never
question him God for doing that.
You embraced God and his commandments, also with
your knowledge of the Holy QURAN is enough
TESTIMONY to the fact that you truly served your God
whom you knew too well inside and outside.
If you are able to look back right now this minute
You will see how people across the GLOBE are all trying
to comfort me and soften my heart with many
beautiful words and verses from both QURAN and
BIBLE, the books that guide us to our CREATOR then
you will agree with me your DEATH is well celebrated as one already in ALJANATA.
ADESUBOMI BABAMI: Shagbola Ogoji, O kobi foshika
ko fenu a rare wuree, Omo Olorule Sesese
Natiijebuode titi de Epe, Omoba Alade Merindilogun,
Omo Awujale Fidipote ton gbenu Aafinpase dede lu.
Alayeeeeeee Dajiiiijii
Rest peacefully well with your creator as I have
submitted to his Will without regret or complain.
Many thanks to you friends, Fans, Family and all
Associates across the GLOBE that Grief and Mourns
with us in this home-call of my Best Friend.
I thank you once again.. Ao ni fi irue san oo. Ojo
gbogbo wa ati awon omowa aape lorile aiye.

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